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MMM | Let’s Chat | Cal City Boys Readings and Major Case Update | ALT Premium | Stargazers

Hello Sweet Souls,

I wanted to give my Stargazer members exclusive content that will not be published on YouTube. This is a reaction video to learning about a major update in the Orrin and Orson West case (whom I prefer to call by their biological names of Classic and Cincere Pettus). On January 24, 2022, I recorded three videos, covering three readings on their case and to see everything unfold as it has this past week made terribly sad. It is one of those times when you hope the reading is not accurate.

Here’s my 3/6/2022 reaction video:

January 24, 2022 Part 1 Reading Video:

January 24, 2022 Part 2 Reading Video:

January 24, 2022 Part 3 Reading Video:

Do you do mysterious disappearance readings with your cards? What disappearances or mysteries have you explored? Let me know by leaving a comment or sharing in the Abundant Life Tarot Group on Facebook. I would love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for watching and supporting.


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