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Light Seer’s Tarot Journal Prompts Weeks 2 through 5

Here’s a collection of all of the Journal Prompts for the Light Seer’s Tarot Study. Journal prompts are to be completed on a weekly basis during our Tarot Study. The Light Seer’s Tarot Study’s journal prompts were for weeks 2 through 5, with no prompts for weeks 1 and 6.

Week 2

Card Inspiration: 2 of Pentacles

Journal prompt: This is a card about juggling many balls in the air – at times, it can become overwhelming. Which tasks need to remain and which tasks need to be released today?

Week 3

Card Inspiration: King of Swords

Journal Prompt: This card is about clarity in decision making and using the logical mind. Where in life is it needed to rule with rational thought over ruling with the heart?

Week 4

Card Inspiration: The High Priestess

Journal Prompt: This card is about going within for the answers, tapping into one’s own intuition and dreams for divine understanding. What is your intuition whispering to you right now about what course of action to take next in a situation or a relationship?

Week 5

Card Inspiration: The Hierophant

Journal Prompt: This card is about showing others or being shown what is sacred to the traditions that binds and defines us. Is what we are being shown or showing others binding or defining what is sacred in our life right now?

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If you’re comfortable, share your journal responses and if needed, draw some additional cards for yourself to help answer the journal prompt’s question.

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Don’t Forget: Take a look at your fellow members’ posts to comment, for spread ideas, or for journal prompt inspiration. Stay committed to working with this deck for two (2) solid weeks – daily draws, weekly journal prompts, and commenting on other members’ posts.

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