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I am a Tarot Reader, Coach, Mentor, and YouTuber who loves sharing what I know about Tarot with likeminded souls. Are you ready to go professional in your Tarot readings? Look no further than my membership tiers for inspiration and support.

Ko-fi allows those who wish to make one-time donations or to provide ongoing support to Abundant Life Tarot. But, what I am most excited about is offering membership tiers to house my mentorship program!

Are you one of my reading clients or faithful YouTube subscribers? The Stargazer level is perfect for you because I discuss how to make the most of your readings and share a bit about me in content for this tier.

I offer opportunities for ongoing mentorship through my Ko-fi membership at the Moon Dancer and Rebel Soul levels. There are limited spots as I work closely with you, one on one, to achieve your goals of deepening your reading practice, creating content on your YouTube channel, or going professional in card readings. When there is availability, spots may open up at the Moon Dancer and Rebel Soul levels. My aim is to motivate the reader or the video content creator to learn and grow in Tarot.

Stargazers receive exclusive benefits and there’s no limit on the available membership spots. If the coveted Moon Dancer or Rebel Soul levels are closed for new members, sign up for the Stargazer level and you will be given the first opportunity to sign up for the higher membership tiers when a spot becomes available.

The Cosmic Seer level is for those who’d like to receive monthly video readings with me. Each month, I will do a 30 minute video reading for you. By signing up on a monthly basis, you will save $5.00 each month off my 30 minute video readings (regular price $45.00). Cosmic Seers are also able to join me and other members twice a month for monthly Zoom meetings to talk about various topics related to card reading or delivering professional readings. Limited spots available.

For Moon Dancers & Rebel Souls, I regularly seek out members’ input to build content and Zoom meeting topics each month to support your pro reading journey. I help my members with signing up/working the psychic hotlines, as well as starting/running virtual Tarot reading businesses on their website or Etsy.

I only share this level of knowledge and insider tips with my members – not anywhere else. Allow me to help you take your professional readings to the next level with my formalized mentorship program!

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