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MMM | LEXI SANDRA MAI ST. JOHN | PART 3 | Tarot and Oracle Readings | #TRUECRIMETAROT | Episode 50

❗Today, June 5, 2022, makes it a year that Lexi disappeared.❗

Sandra Mai St. John (Lexi) has been missing since June 5, 2021 and each day has been excruciatingly painful for those who who love her. The police have named a suspect in her disappearance, but he has since fled or disappeared.

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🦋 Oracle Pre-Reading:
🦋 Part 1 Detailed Oracle Reading:
🦋 Part 2 Detailed Tarot and Oracle Reading:
🦋 Part 3 Map Analysis Oracle Reading:

Anyone with information should contact Detective Brad Williams at 615-453-4388 or

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Featured Deck: Mystery Murder Oracle, Divine Crime Oracle, Trace Evidence Telling Cards

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