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Mystery Mystic Musings | MARVON VON MCCRAY & DRE MCCRAY | READING | Ep. 24 & 25

Part 1: Opening Oracle Reading recorded 9/3/22, published 9/5/22

Part 1 Featured Decks: Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle, Dark Mirror Oracle, Love Repellant Oracle, Situations Oracle, The Untold Truth Oracle, Trace Evidence Telling Cards.

Part 2: Tarot and Oracle Reading recorded 9/4/22, published 9/5/22

Part 2 Featured Decks: RWS with Keywords, Superlunaris Tarot, Healers of the Earth Oracle, Situations Oracle.

There are two parts. Part 1 was recorded on 9/3/22 and Part 2 was recorded on 9/4/22. Thank you to my viewer TriciaIrene for recommending I do this reading.

🌒Part 1: Detailed Oracle Reading:
🌒Part 2: Tarot and Oracle Reading:

This is case is a little different from what we usually cover on MMM. Andrea “Dre” McCray is considered a social media influencer, mainly on Facebook with 637k followers, and made her name by demonstrating her makeup skills, as well as her entrepreneurial spirit in selling Paparazzi jewelry (which is a multi level marketing biz). Over time, her followers started to notice a dramatic weight loss for her and her husband, Marvon “Von” McCray. She was literally streaming online all the time, sharing about her herbal remedies and strict akaline/vegan diet that she and her family were adhering to, and her relationship woes. She seemed addicted oversharing her life, which left her wide open for public scrutiny.

Things took a darker turn when the couple, Dre and Von began to argue online. When you didn’t things could get more dark, then came the moment when Dre let her camera roll while her husband was experiencing seizures. Finally, on May 23, 2022, Von was admitted into the hospital for attempting to take his life, and slipped into a coma. He has been in what his medical providers call an “irreversible” coma. Dre now streams updates regarding Von’s condition and she seems convinced he will make a full recovery, despite what medical professionals are advising. There is a growing campaign called #JusticeforVon, which is because there are those who Dre allegedly poisoned Von or somehow caused him to do attempt to take his life. Even more controversy swirled over the summer when Dre refused to allow Von’s family (Mom, Dad, Stepmom) to visit him in the hospital, which has resulted in a very public dispute between in-laws over Von’s care.

This synopsis only scratches the surface about Von – you will need to check out the myriad of articles, blog posts, and social media videos on how deep this rabbit hole truly goes.

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