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I don’t boast a lot about what I am doing behind the scenes, but I think it is time to share something with you. I offer an incredible membership/mentorship program that is affordable and allows you to learn and grow in Tarot. One of my Moon Dancer members described me as a “Creativity Doula” – someone who fosters a nurturing environment for expansion in whatever personal or professional endeavor you’re embarking on.

I work one on one with members and in a group setting to help them stay the course, be accountable for achieving their goals, and providing support in whatever they need to move forward. Moon Dancer members only pay $9.99 per month and they meet with me once per month, one on one via Zoom, for 30 minutes. Rebel Soul members only pay $29.99 per month and meet with me once or twice per month, as they receive a 60 minute allotment of time to work with me one one one. As a group, we meet up twice per month via Zoom for 2nd Sunday Power Zoom meetings and last Saturday of the month for Reading Lab sessions.

The small and united community we have is special – friendships have formed and support for one another is bountiful. Some of us are endeavoring to become professional readers, while others are going on a journey of self-discovery – but in the end, there is truly something for everyone in Poised to Leap. I have uploaded almost 100 videos so far in supporting my membership and you will get instant access by joining on Ko-fi.

To learn more about my Poised to Leap membership, which is available on Ko-fi, go here:

Poised to Leap is my exclusive mentorship program and limited spots at the Moon Dancer and Rebel Soul levels are available now. Ko-fi shows the number of open remaining spots and will also show when membership sign ups are closed.

When spots fill up, membership sign ups will be temporarily closed until a spot becomes available – so sign up today!

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