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ALT Mini Tarot Study | The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Revisit | 11/7/2022

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot was a surprising first deck for me to do a deep dive with a Tarot study – but I decided to give it a chance anyway. I loved the artwork, but let’s face it – I was no expert in herbs, nor was a I a fan of changed Tarot archetypes. Yet, I wanted desperately to better work with this deck, so it became my very first deck for my Tarot Study. I recorded videos detailing the Majors, the Courts, and the Suits.

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study was before I decided to explore a more interactive experience with the Abundant Life Tarot Group on Facebook. Now that we have completed our fifth Tarot Study, I want to circle back to this first one for more exploration and a deeper, interactive experience.

I polled the Facebook group members in the summer to see what is their preferred way of working with a deck in a Tarot Study revisit and the two ways are:

  1. Weekly journal or spread prompts to use with this deck.
  2. Periodic meetups during our “Tarot Study Lounge” in the Facebook group. This is either a livestream or an actual meetup up in a group “room.”

For six weeks, we will be revisiting The Herbcrafter’s Tarot, starting November 7, 2022. Each Monday, I’ll post a journal or spread prompt, but I am encouraging ALL members to contribute spreads, journal prompts, share video or pictures of their spreads, and to discuss or ask questions about using this deck. I certainly will be sharing pics and videos of when I am called to use this deck in a spread. I will also share some of my favorite videos I made from the first Major Tarot Study we did using the Herbcrafter’s Tarot.

All of this will take place in the Facebook group. There is no charge to join in on this mini Tarot Study. I will announce when we’ll be having Tarot Study Lounge sessions.

We will be doing more mini Tarot studies, with one or two major ones happening during the year in 2023. I always ask members and subscribers to vote on the next deck for a Tarot Study, so be sure to vote when the next one comes up!

Check out the Abundant Life Tarot Study tab to stay updated:

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