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Mine or Theirs Tarot Spread – Dealing With a Negative Review

I filmed this video in November 2018 and it is part of a 2 part series. This first part will be featured on YouTube. Part 2, or the follow up to my first negative review experience was filmed in January and will be initially featured at the Cosmic Seer and Rebel Soul levels.

To help me navigate this situation, I used the Mine or Their’s Tarot Spread, from the book Tarot Spreads for Empaths, by Jennifer Soldner.

If you work in a service oriented industry, chances are you will encounter someone who is not happy with the service you provided, no matter how hard you may try. I’ve learned some valuable lessons from this experience and that although the easy thing to do would be to blame the customer, I can now look back and see where there may have been clues early on that this reading had the potential to go sideways. I now have studied on ways of dealing with unhappy clients and I will happily share those tips with you.

Thanks so much for watching!

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