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Hi Loves~Here’s your monthly astrological oracle reading…enjoy!

Aries, Taurus & Gemini 

Hi Loves~Here’s your monthly love reading…enjoy! Thanks for watching!

Intro: 00:00:00
Aries: 00:02:32
Taurus: 00:37:35
Gemini: 01:08:48

Cancer, Leo & Virgo

Intro: 00:00:00
Cancer: 00:02:32
Leo: 00:34:38
Virgo: 01:09:01

Libra, Scorpio, & Sagittarius

Intro: 00:00:00
Libra: 00:02:32
Scorpio: 00:32:03
Sagittarius: 00:59:40

Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces

Intro: 00:00:00
Capricorn: 00:02:32
Aquarius: 00:35:38
Pisces: 01:07:12

Thanks so much for watching!


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Abundant Life Shop, Abundant Life Tarot, Oracle Readings

Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Reading

1 Mildred Payne's Secret Pocket Oracle Reading

It’s official – I am in love with the Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle and receive some of the deepest, profound answers I’ve encountered from a deck. I want to share these powerful readings with you.

The messages and guidance run deep for the Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle, so be prepared for your answers to be given in clear, uninhibited messages. A Secret Pocket Oracle reading can answers all sorts of questions. This oracle’s reading offers just as deep of readings as the Tarot.

Pick which type of Oracle Reading you’d like: 9 card spread, 6 card spread, or a 3 card spread.

There is no time limit for these readings. I also may consult other decks for further insight into your situation.

3 Card Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Video Reading

$15.00 Reading


6 Card Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Reading

$20.00 Reading


9 Card Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Reading

$30.00 Reading


Oracle Deck Reviews, Oracle Readings

Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Review and Reading

Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle is truly a lovely, intuitive, and charming, yet confrontational oracle deck. I love that I can use it in stand alone readings, as well as a part of a larger tarot/oracle spread. Great for both personal and professional readings, it keeps it all the way real, and will predict like no other – but it is gentle, too (as you will see in the above video’s oracle reading). The simplistic images and keywords surprisingly triggers the intuition, and I feel like Spirit leaves nothing out and puts it all on the table for the reader to grasp and share with the seeker.

Factoids: 54 card deck. Miniature cards, beautiful card stock.

Per usual, I did an impromptu reading. In retrospect, as this video was filmed on Saturday, October 7, 2017, this message was an urgent one from Spirit to all of humanity. Simple solutions to big problems on the micro and macro levels of our lives.

The deck creator’s link: http://www.deviantmoon.com/wordpress/?p=4091

Many blessings and love to all of you,
Abundant Life Tarot