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Nov 13th Weekly General Reading ~ Be the Light, Your Abundance is a Thought Away and WORK!

Cardslinging for the week of November 13, 2017. It is time to let go of what is hindering our growth this week and preparing for our time to retreat and to be on holiday in the coming weeks. We will make big strides in releasing negative thought patterns and negative habits that have hampered our advancement towards our goals. As we prepare for the coming weeks, we need to focus on getting tasks complete, so that when the weekend comes, all is done and peace of mind is at hand.

Decks Used:
*Dear Heart Oracle (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtworkbyPan)
*Mildred Payne’s Secret Oracle (http://www.deviantmoon.com/wordpress/?p=4091)
*Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards (https://www.hayhouse.com/angels-of-abundance-oracle-cards-card-deck)
*Angel Tarot Cards (https://www.hayhouse.com/angel-tarot-cards)
*Heal Yourself Reading Cards (https://www.rockpoolpublishing.com.au/heal-yourself-reading-cards)
*The Power of Surrender Cards (https://www.hayhouse.com/the-power-of-surrender-cards)

Denise asked if her grandson would be okay and if she would be financially secure. Here’s the reading to answer her questions.

Decks Used:
*Dear Heart Oracle (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtworkbyPan)
*Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle (http://www.deviantmoon.com/wordpress/?p=4091)
*Heal Yourself Reading Cards (https://www.rockpoolpublishing.com.au/heal-yourself-reading-cards)
*The Power of Surrender Cards (https://www.hayhouse.com/the-power-of-surrender-cards)
*Angels of Abundance Oracle cards (https://www.hayhouse.com/angels-of-abundance-oracle-cards-card-deck)
*Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards (https://www.hayhouse.com/sacred-traveler-oracle-cards-card-deck)

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#Self-Love September and Retreats Part 1

Women's Retreat 2017
River’s Bend Retreat Center, Philo, California.

Everyone needs and deserves a retreat at least once a year. This video was filmed last Wednesday, September 6th, and I was hitting the road to go on women’s retreat. After attending a couple of women’s retreats, I’ve made the decision to go at least once a year and it is one of the best ways I express self-love.

The women’s retreat I attended was found through my spiritual organization, but there are plenty for non-spiritual folks to choose from (just Google “retreats near me” and you will be amazed!). There’s a retreat type for every person.

Here are a few reasons why a retreat should be your next getaway: 

  1. You get a chance to get a break from the monotony of life. A retreat takes you out of your comfort zone and plops you into a place of tranquility and serenity. A change of scenery offers the senses a chance to play in a new area, which allows us to recharge and to grow.
  2. You can do as much, or as little as you’d like on your retreat. Most retreats offer several workshops during the course of the days you’re attending. During my first retreat, I attended every workshop. I skipped workshops on my second retreat because it was more important for me to recharge in solitude than to do lots of group activities.
  3. The hustle and bustle of life falls away and you get back to your own internal clock. My one wish for the retreats I attended was to serve breakfast later in the morning because I wanted to follow my own internal wake up clock.
  4. This is a time to get inspired. I used my oracle and tarot cards as journal prompts. I created all sorts of crafts in our retreat’s craft temple. I meditated on what how my business could grow. Inspiration was found in the conversations with other women and in my own conversations with myself. I learned I actually am crafty and now I can take that back to my regular life, as a tool to decompress when need be.
  5. Unplug. Hopefully where you retreat there will be no cell phone service. If there is, turn your phone off. Retreat means to pull back from the world. Let the world miss you for awhile.

We all need to retreat, to go within and to sit with ourselves. Even if it means creating your own retreat by booking a hotel room or cabin for a long weekend – invest in your mind, body and spirit. You are so worth the the time, money and effort and your sanity will thank you later for it.

Much Love and Blessings, 


Abundant Life Tarot