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#SecondChanceDecks | Decks I’m Glad I Kept in My Collection | On YouTube

Here’s a look at the decks that got a second chance to stick around in my collection and I discuss why I am happy they stayed. What decks almost left your collection, but found new life in your reading practice?

There inevitably comes a time when we feel we must move a deck on to a new home. Sometimes, the sale of a used deck falls through, or the person who was going to receive the deck as a gift declines to accept it. Then, you’re left with a deck on your hands that you were sure it was time to pass along to the next person. Something happens – you have a dream about the deck or you see someone else using it on social media. Voila! You are inspired to give the deck another try. What decks has this happened for you?

Abundant Life Tarot, Deck Collection, Depth Year, On YouTube

The Beginnings | Moving Away | Selling Decks | Musings | On YouTube

I go to sell some of my decks and venture out to Sacramento before I depart for a new life.

Thanks so much for watching!

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