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Weekly Oracle Reading || April 13th – April 19th

*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*

*What’s happening: Acceptance/Good Vibration/Inner Awareness/The Teacher.

*What tools can we use: Stillness/Braving the Storm/Be Open.

*What’s the week’s outcome: Mastery/Confidence/The Dining Table.

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~~We accept our “new” normal and attempt to jump back into life, and for some, it is a bit too soon. Slow the dance down to a manageable pace, but don’t stop dancing. Keep moving. We now have an inner awareness of our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs. We are called to teach and/or receive much needed guidance from a teacher in our life. ~~Stillness is allowing life to unfold in its own beautiful way, savoring the moment. Meditate, sit in quiet or soft meditative music, and allow the mind to wonder, then gently corral your thoughts. We are braving the storms of life this week and being open to new opportunities and new perspectives. ~~This is a week of gaining confidence through self-mastery. Achievement and being proud of what we’ve accomplished at home and at work will have us feeling social and wanting to connect. Consider hosting a virtual dinner party to still stay united with loved ones.

Self-Care Message: Ripe Berries Moon – This week is about victory over adversity, no matter the hardship. Past issues resurface, only this time the tools are at hand to finally deal with them. Panther/Protection – Remember to protect your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy by setting and maintaining boundaries. 


Have a blessed and abundant week!

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Cosmic Seer, Moon Dancer, Rebel Soul

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Soul Trees Oracle Cards Unboxing

Soul Trees Oracle Cards Unboxing
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