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A Quick Update

Hello Sweet Souls~

I am alive and well, albeit busy and at times, exhausted. Here’s a quick update on what’s going on with me. I am blessed to be healthy, well, and busy, but I always worry and fret over staying connected with my tribe.

Here’s some updates for ALT, ALTA, ALT Premium, Giveaway Winner Readings, and Readings:

The course is almost complete and I will soon be launching Abundant Life Tarot Academy (yay!) with a complimentary course that I am super excited about.

I will be working on the giveaway readings this week and they will be in video format. I am so very much looking forward to sitting down and doing these readings for people who are the absolute kindest and most gracious people I’ve met, and I am truly grateful to be reading the cards for them.

I am very much up to my eyeballs in giving Tarot readings from my Etsy shop right now, which is why I had to slow down everything else in my life, and why I have not been on social media much this past week. I know this is a busy season and that things will slow down in the future. I also love Tarot reading and find that it fills my soul to read for others, so I will never complain about the number of reading requests I get.

Emails, YouTube and Facebook Comments: 

I am behind on emails and comments, but I am hoping to return emails, reply to comments, and to get back into uploading videos on YouTube over the next one to two weeks. Please bear with me. I am excited about those who have expressed interest in being an ALTA instructor and I will soon be getting back with you.

Weekly Oracle Readings and YouTube Readings: 

As much as I love reading for my friends and the collective, my schedule is now really hectic and I had to temporarily stop doing weekly readings for the time being. Once time permits, I will definitely resume the weeklys, as I do enjoy doing them. I just want to make sure I do not overextend or burn myself out.

I do hope all of you are doing well and I hold the intention of good health for all of you. Thanks so much for being a part of my journey and for holding sacred space in our little community. I appreciate you more than know, Sweet Souls.

Thanks so much!

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Updates Video & COVID-19 || On YouTube

Here’s an updates video regarding yours truly.

I am touching base to see how my peoples are doing and to let you all know I am doing alright in the big C-A. This is a bit of a rambling video, so my apologies.

I guess I had a LOT to say on the subject and then there is even more to say. Like my son Daniel not being able to have a formal high school graduation or senior prom. Or, the weird phenomenon of driving down California highways and virtually no cars on the road. Or, the weird symptoms I experienced last week ­čś│. But, there are some amazing things happening, too, like seeing the good side of humanity and the will to live in so many people.

Anyways, thanks so much for watching!

Sending You Much Love,
Kim Abundant Life Tarot­čî║

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ALT Premium Monthly Astro Tarot Reading Updates

A quick video inviting you to complete this survey on the Monthly Astro Readings and an update for March’s readings. Link to Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/N3FSNZH Thanks for watching and sharing your feedback on the monthly astro readings! Kim Abundant Life Tarot  …

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