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So You Wanna Create Online Video Content!? Part 4 | What’s Your Flavor?

What is your Tarot Flavor? What kind of offerings do you wish to share on your channel? The kind where you are only performing readings? Or are you more comfortable in the role of Tarot Enthusiast? This video explores the different Tarot flavors out there that you can choose to explore for your own channel….

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September Channel Updates || Video Series Line Up

Hi There~ Here’s an update on the channel line up for the next several weeks to months.

Here’s the latest:
*The Crystals series will wrap up after episode 13, and right now we have 8 up on the channel.
*Self-Love September will be featured in 1-3 videos, and the topic will be geared towards how Empaths can better love and protect themselves.
*Instagram/YouTube Weekly Oracle/Tarot Readings will continue for the time being.
*Special topics, Tag Response Videos, and Unboxings will continue to publish from time to time.

Here’s the ongoing, regularly scheduled programs:
-Monthly Faves
-Crystal of the Month
-Deck in Focus
-Tarot Combos
-Monthly Astro Life & Love Tarot or Oracle Readings
-Card by Card (new series coming soon!)

I have tons of videos queued, so this gal is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Thanks so much for watching!

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