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October Favorites! Crystals, Tarot & Oracle and Books

I must admit, I got a little carried away in October with all of my favorite crystals, decks, and books – so you may need to grab a nice cup of coffee or tea, settle in and enjoy the ride with me :-).

In case you would like to get to a specific part of my video: 1. Crystals; 2. Favorite oracle and tarot decks; 3. Books I’m reading.

Selenite, in rough and smooth form, and clear, white, or peach, were used throughout the month of October.

I went to the library and picked up Confessions of Tarot Reader by Jane Stern and Beyond the Celtic Cross: Secret techniques for taking Tarot to an exciting new level.

I used a good portion of my tarot and oracle collection in readings for others this month. My Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle is surprising me with its deeply rich readings and insight. Many more decks mentioned are mentioned in the Favorites video.

What have you been working or playing with for the month of October? Do any of my favorites in the video pique your interest?

Thanks for watching!

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