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Oct 30th Weekly General Reading~Alchemic Balance to Achieving Love

General Reading for the week of October 30, 2017. Weekly readings posted every Monday.

What was abundantly clear in the reading was how the love we want is already here and available to us, but we have to be ready to receive it. We’ve been in a place of protecting our hearts, to the point of blocking out some of the blessings trying to reach us. This week, we are invited to move to a new way of being in all of aspects and degrees of love.

A quote from the reading: “We can’t always allow rejection to start to crystalize on our hearts to the point that its blocking our blessings.” 

This weeks’s Oracle reading was brought to us by The Dear Heart Oracle, the Heal Yourself Reading Cards, The Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle, and The White Rabbit Oracle.

Here’s *Dina’s love reading. *Dina asked to be kept anonymous. She had a question about *Tom and what his feelings were towards her. She wanted to know whether or not he was in her future.

Submit your questions for a free reading and stay tuned for next week’s general reading. If you wish for it to be anonymous, then email me at abundantlifetarot@gmail.com and specify you’d like to use an alias.

Thanks for watching!

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Postcards from Spirit Follow Up Impressions

On October 12th, I posted the unboxing of the Postcards from Spirit, created by Colette Baron-Reid, artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia, and cover design by Tricia Breidenthal. I promised to do a follow up video after I played with the deck. After daily play, I have to say it is indeed a unique, beautiful deck and I will continue to divine with it.

Knock out any preconceived notions you have about what you think this deck is  about and go into this new relationship with an open mind. Some decks are hard to define what exactly they are, as is the case with Postcards. Prior to receiving the cards, I thought this was a deck about connecting with souls that have transitioned and who are trying to say special messages about life in general from the other side. This deck is somewhat along those lines, only these messages are directly for the seeker. Spirit is whomever you wish – past on family members, God, angels and guides.

I have been asking for general guidance for the day or around a specific situation, as in the case of a work related issue. I made a few mistakes yesterday at work and luckily brought Postcards with me that day. I shuffled the cards, drew one and was comforted by words of wisdom from my ancestors, by way of Colette’s warm, but direct messages. I was able to gain new perspective instantly on the situation.

My final words on this deck is if you are called to get it, there’s a reason. Several months ago I was intrigued enough to pre-order the deck and based on the messages I’ve been receiving, know that I made the right decision to buy Postcards from Spirit.

Let me know what you think of the deck or if you have questions or comments. Thanks for going on this new journey with Postcards from Spirit with me!

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Abundant Life Tarot, Love and Relationships, Oracle Readings, Weekly Readings

Oct 23rd Weekly General Reading~Banish Negative Self-Talk to Manifest Abundance

This weeks’s Oracle reading was brought to us by The Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle, the Heal Yourself Reading Cards, Oracle of Nightmares, and Angel’s of Abundance Oracle Cards. The message that came through loud and clear for this week is we need to stop being so negative towards our selves and watch the negative self-talk patterns that run through our minds. If we can work on this (and the cards discuss how this can be done, please see video), then we can reach the abundance that is already ours for the taking. We will be in a better place to see the abundance that is already around us.

Here’s Barbara’s reading, which she asked whether her and her man were going to take their relationship to the next level and will her finances improve:

Submit your questions for a free reading and stay tuned for next week’s general reading. If you wish for it to be anonymous, then email me at abundantlifetarot@gmail.com and specify you’d like to use an alias.

Thanks for watching!

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Free Weekly Tarot and Oracle Readings Coming Soon!

Image courtesy of http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/ “Marble, Pearl” by nonicknamephoto.

I am excited to offer weekly general readings, which I will blog, YouTube, as well as post on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I will be posting weekly tarot and oracle readings on Sunday or Mondays starting October 23rd.

I am also opening up the site for one free reading per week to be included in the weekly general reading posts. The question will be posted, but the person asking the question will remain anonymous. The question/answer reading will follow the weekly general reading, in the same post. Any question is welcome, so don’t be shy! The questions can be as deep or as trivial as you’d like. If your question does not make the current week, no worries, as it may very will post for the next week’s general reading post.

Email questions or spread ideas for the weekly general readings here: abundantlifetarot@gmail.com.

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Oracle of Nightmares Review and Reading

Oracle of Nightmares is an independent card deck sold on Etsy by White Rabbit Oracle. Despite its dark pictures and foreboding name, it is an all purpose deck that can be used for shadow work or as a part of a larger tarot/oracle spread.

The deck is standard tarot size and has a good stock, perfect for shuffling. Some of the images fade into the darkness, which adds to the element of darkness and mystery. This deck does not come with a guidebook, but the images and key words are enough to light up your intuition.

It will play nicely with my Triple Goddess tarot or my soon to arrive Darkness of Light Tarot. I will be using it during the fall and winter months for shadow work and divination. A great deck, with surprisingly gentle, but firm messages.

Check out the deck creator’s Etsy store here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhiteRabbitOracle and her website here: http://www.whiterabbittarot.com/.

Have you worked with this deck before? What are your thoughts? Do you find it easy to use oracle decks without guidebooks?

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Postcards from Spirit Unboxing Video

I got my hands on the lovely Postcards from Spirit 52 Card Oracle Deck yesterday. I have been waiting for months for this deck to release, and it is finally in my hands. After yesterday’s filming of this video, I played a little bit more with this deck and I started to connect more with the images and messages.

I am a huge fan of Colette’s decks and particularly very fond of artist Jena DellaGrotaglia’s beautiful artistry. The cover designer for Postcards was Tricia Breidenthal. Jena’s art work is always breathtaking and my only wish was that in this deck, it was a little more pronounced so we can really see the details. I get that the postcards are to appear aged and weathered, but I love Jena’s work so much that I still want to see it pop off the card like in all her other works.

The cards are larger than the standard Hay House size and the box is a sturdy and attractive. The stock is interesting. It is thinner than standard Hay House decks, but it remains to be seen if that is a good thing. The edges are sharp, versus rounded.

I love the concept. In fact, I used the deck last night and called upon my grandmothers to send a message. I loved how easy it was to use the deck and the answers I received were poignant and resonated in a way that I was not expecting (which is a good thing).

The cards can be used for divination, but I think it is primarily for answering those healing questions we have about are we on the right path or what can I work on in myself type of queries.

Be on the lookout for my full deck review video and blog post of this deck, after I’ve played with it for a while, as unboxing videos only shows just a tiny bit of a deck’s potential.

Many blessings,

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Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Review and Reading

Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle is truly a lovely, intuitive, and charming, yet confrontational oracle deck. I love that I can use it in stand alone readings, as well as a part of a larger tarot/oracle spread. Great for both personal and professional readings, it keeps it all the way real, and will predict like no other – but it is gentle, too (as you will see in the above video’s oracle reading). The simplistic images and keywords surprisingly triggers the intuition, and I feel like Spirit leaves nothing out and puts it all on the table for the reader to grasp and share with the seeker.

Factoids: 54 card deck. Miniature cards, beautiful card stock.

Per usual, I did an impromptu reading. In retrospect, as this video was filmed on Saturday, October 7, 2017, this message was an urgent one from Spirit to all of humanity. Simple solutions to big problems on the micro and macro levels of our lives.

The deck creator’s link: http://www.deviantmoon.com/wordpress/?p=4091

Many blessings and love to all of you,
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A.L.T. Fall Shadow Work Readings!


For the fall season, Abundant Life Tarot (A.L.T.) is offering a special for deep shadow work and deep spiritual soul healing readings, both on this site and through my Etsy Abundant Life Shop store. $25 will get you a one hour tarot/oracle shadow work video reading.

  • Do you ever feel upset, stressed out or down, but unsure why? Then you probably have some deep shadow work to do.
  • Do you feel like you keep repeating the same behaviors over and over, but you really do want to change? What’s holding you back from your desired changes? This reading is for you.
  • Do you feel like you’re in the wrong profession or not with the right romantic partner? Then it is time to do some shadow work to find out where you truly need to go or whom you need to be with.

Last month and continuing into this month, I did my own shadow work through Tarot, meditation, and prayer and now I feel lighter and more on purpose with my life than ever before. We sometimes need to dive into what is under the surface in our subconscious, because until we do, whatever that is buried will continue to fester and grow, affecting many areas of our lives.

Take the next step to getting answers to questions you’ve had, but up until now, was unable to ask.

1 Hour Autumn Shadow Work Tarot & Oracle Reading


Many Blessings, 


Abundant Life Tarot 


Tarot and Oracle Readings

Jumping Tarot & Oracle Cards

I read exclusively from “jumping” cards – cards that fly out of the deck as I shuffle and ponder the tarot or oracle question. There are rare times when I have to use another method of picking cards, but my preferred way is receiving jumping cards from Spirit. It leads more to the randomness of a tarot reading. To keep from shuffling endlessly, I sometimes do a 3-2-1 shuffle countdown –  I shuffle three more times before I stop shuffling the cards, for time saving purposes. Oftentimes, if Spirit has additional messages, this is the time additional cards will “jump” out.

I found early on in my tarot journey that the messages are revealed because of our Oneness with the Divine. When I shuffle, I meditate on this Oneness and the client’s question. As I meditatively shuffle, the cards fly out and the answers are revealed. I now cannot imagine picking my cards any other way!

Whether I riffle shuffle or hand over hand shuffle, the cards jump, because that is the agreement I’ve made with Spirit early on in my journey – that I’d receive and know these messages were heaven sent. No matter the deck, I always experience jumping cards.

What is your preferred way to have cards revealed to you? Shuffling, then fanning out the cards? Jumping cards? Having clients picked the cards? Share your preferred method and tips in the comments section below.

Thanks for stopping by and many blessings to you!


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September Faves in Tarot, Oracle and Crystals

I had a fantastic September. I took almost two weeks off at my day job, and spent five days on a Women’s retreat. I spent a long weekend in Gold Country for my extended family’s annual camping trip. I did a lot of self-soul searching and shadow work. I performed more readings and declared my freedom from worry about what others think about my coming out as a Tarot reader.

There was a lot of shadow work I needed to do on myself and in my personal and professional relationships during the month of September. My country, America, is going through a lot of challenges right now and I had to deal with some deep rooted issues and hurts this month. I am an empath, so I took on many others’ emotions and low vibrations. So much so, that it was a drag to be around me towards the end of the month. It was hard, and at times painful, but necessary, as I purged out negative, lack filled thoughts and emotions. I was grateful for the low vibrations, because I felt poorly, and that spawned me to seek out higher vibrational frequencies to align to.

Some stones that I worked with this month was Smokey Quartz, Carnelian, and Gold Sheen Obsidian, while I navigated my shadow work.

#Self-loveSeptember was amazing for me. I was reminded how important self-love and self-nurturing is for our bodies and spirits. Lightworkers, especially must learn to prioritize self-love practices. I will carry what I started in September throughout the rest of my year.

Check out the above video for decks I worked with this month. Also, see the decks that got edged in black permanent marker. I broke my edging cherry and edged three decks in September – my Stretch Tarot, my Sun and Moon Tarot in a tin, and my Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle.

As I bid farewell to September and summer, I welcome October and autumn with open arms. How was your September? What decks and spiritual tools were in your rotation during September?


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