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Nov 6th Weekly General Reading~Discover Your Life Purpose~Face Your Fears~Love is Here

Part 1 Weekly General Reading for November 6th:

Hi there~My apologies for the scratchy, low voice – it was the end of the day, my voice was raw and I was trying to whisper on top of that. I almost scrapped the whole video and only included Tina’s reading – but there were so many juicy nuggets Spirit had to say, that I had to share the video. For next week’s video, I’ll be sure to do the weekly general reading during the day, when my voice is not as deep and raspy.

This week will be a focus on what is in our spirit to do on this physical plane. For many of us, we will start to see the fruits of our labor of love this week.

We need to let go of the thoughts that no longer serve our higher purpose. This week we have the opportunity to delve deep inside of ourselves, to tap into what we love about this life and what we want to do, and then to finally start to see the physical manifestations of following our purpose.

“Nothing is impossible.”

I decided to do a follow up weekly general reading for this week, and more insight was given by Spirit on facing our fears this week, expanding our perception of what our dreams can actually become, and experiencing loving connections in the week ahead. I am so grateful I was inspired to do another reading this week.

Part 2 Weekly General Reading for November 6th:

Tina’s General Love Reading Forecast:

Tina’s reading was a general forecast of her love life now and what is going on in the next few months. Spirit asks Tina to focus on the what, why, how, and who we are seeking love. Tina has a little homework to do, but once she does, love will abound for her.

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Many blessings and love to all of you,
Abundant Life Tarot

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