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#endofyeartarot Video Response Tag to Veronica Rose

‘Tis the season to divulge some dirt on my Christmas and New Year’s traditions and what my favorite things are during this time of year. In the above video, I answer the questions listed below. The originator of this awesome #endofyeartarot tag is Veronica Rose and you can view her video here:

The Questions
1. What is your favorite way to celebrate at the end of the year? (eg Christmas, Yule/Litha, Hannukah, New Year . . .)

2. Talk about your favorite celebration or end of year activity.

3. Who are your favorite people to share this celebration/time of year with?

4. Share your favorite food at this celebration/time of year.

5. What’s your favorite music during this celebration/time of year?

6. If decorations are involved, what are your favorites?

7. Share a favorite memory of this celebration/time of year from 10 or more years ago?

8. How does tarot (or oracles) fit in for you during this celebration/time of year?

9. Draw two tarot (or oracle) cards: card 1 to show your conscious feelings about this celebration/time of year; card 2 to show your underlying or hidden feelings about this celebration/time of year.

What are some of your favorite Yuletide and New Year’s traditions?

Many Blessings to You,
Abundant Life Tarot

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