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My Hay House Oracle and Tarot Deck Collection

There are several publishing houses that create oracle and tarot decks, and Hay House is one of the larger outfits that produce tons of decks each year. Hay House was the first publisher of the decks I gravitated towards in the beginning of my Oracle Divination journey.

Their decks contain universal themes, are uniform in size, and are easy to obtain through Hay House’s website or on Amazon. The included guidebooks offers a generous amount of guidance and some even offers unique spread ideas for the oracle deck. The storage boxes are sturdy, which for those of us who likes to keep our decks in their boxes, is a gift.

Hay House creates mass produced decks, which is a good and bad thing. A good thing because it makes it so easy to obtain replacement decks if need be and you will not have to wait very long for a copy to be shipped. On the other hand, you can count on several people in the world holding the same Hay House decks you have, which may bother some people. For me, as long as the deck resonates with me or fulfills a specific need in my readings, I do not mind that every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world also owns that same deck.

In the above video, I discuss my Hay House collection in detail. Hay House was the producer of my very first oracle decks – Goddess Guidance Oracle and Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards, both created by Doreen Virtue. I still have the Goddess Guidance Oracle, but have since gifted the Messages from Your Angels Oracle to a teenager who is just beginning his tarot and oracle journey. The Goddess Guidance Oracle is accurate and is both for “prescriptive” and “predictive” guidance in nature. I have worn this deck out over the years with constant on and off use of it.

I now have amassed a collection of oracle and tarot decks from many publishers, but Hay House is still one I check out from time to time. My last Hay House deck purchased was the Sacred Travelers Oracle by Denise Linn – I adore this deck! I also love Earth Magic by Steven D. Farmer. Collette Baron-Reid also has some phenomenal Hay House decks.

What’s your favorite publishing house of oracle and tarot decks? Do you own many Hay House decks, and if so, which ones?

Much Love and Many Blessings,
Abundant Life Tarot

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