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Oracle Readings Without Guidebooks & Intuition

One of the ways I deepened my understanding of reading tarot intuitively was by practicing with oracle decks without guidebooks. By not relying on a guidebook for meaning, but instead looking at the pictures and going with my gut, I was able to experience how it is to read oracle cards intuitively.

Most of my independent oracle decks do not come with guidebooks, so it was easy to not rely on book meanings in that instance. Where the growth really occurred for me was when I set the guidebooks aside that did accompany my oracle decks and followed my intuition on what Spirit was trying to say.

When looking at oracle card images and keywords, a reader can glean a lot more information when they allow the space in their heart to let intuition guide them on the answers. Guidebooks can only go so far in answering a question, but the reader can go deep and pull the most appropriate, resonate answers from within. This is why experienced readers suggest to follow your intuition FIRST, then if you must, look to the guidebook SECOND for the meanings.

I also suggest that when doing readings with guidebooks, be sure to let your intuition guide you first, and then go to the book for clarification (if you must). An even better solution for when you are stumped by a card is instead of consulting the guidebook, to pull another card from the oracle or tarot deck, as this will further your intuitive growth.

I now seek out oracle decks without guidebooks, but I still use the ones that do have them, only intuitively.

How do you deepen your intuition with card reading? Do you seek out oracle decks with or without guidebooks? What advice do you have for other readers on how to access their intuition without guidebooks?

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2 thoughts on “Oracle Readings Without Guidebooks & Intuition”

  1. Hi Kim,
    I stumbled upon this excellent video of yours! I’m working on an oracle deck and I was wondering if I would write a guidebook for it or not. I’m very impressed by your intuitive way of reading cards without checking the guidebook for meanings. So now I’m leaning towards publishing the deck without a book.
    As for reading cards for myself, I’m going to leave the guidebooks closed for a while.
    Thank you!
    Nynke van Zwol
    The Netherlands

    1. Thanks so much Nynke! I think decks without guidebooks (provided the keywords and images are not too obscure) gives the most opportunity for intuitive, magical readings happening. My favorite oracle decks also happen to be without guidebooks. You’ve just inspired me to do a video revisiting this topic. Thanks so much for watching the video and taking the time to share with me. Congrats on your deck!! Sweetest of blessings to you~Kim
      đź’— Abundant Life Tarot

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