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Delta Enduring Tarot Unboxing

There’s something deep and carnal about the Delta Enduring Tarot deck. It haunts, it beckons you to shuffle it over and over (more on that later), and it is utterly beautiful. I jumped in late on purchasing this deck, as it wasn’t even on my radar until after it was released in December 2017. There was a Kickstarter for this deck that I somehow did not know about – which is a good thing because I would have literally died from anticipation waiting for this gem to be released.

The deck creator Egan wrote a beautifully written guidebook. The book is in English and 153 pages long. There’s one spread and all the meanings include reversals. The book is a separate purchase, but I believe is a worthwhile expense to go with this unique deck. The meanings are deep and offers a new spin on the old, standard meanings, which I really appreciate.

The deck is standard tarot sized and tends to follow the Rider Waite Smith system, albeit there are some additional cards to the deck mix, such as The Termite Swarm, Mardi Gras, The Hurricane, and the Heat. There are also some changes to the major arcana names, such as Harm Reduction for Temperance and the Levee for the Tower.

The shuffibility of this deck is amazing. In my video review, I was hesitant to riffle shuffle my new Delta Enduring Tarot because I was concerned I would harm the backs of the cards. I have to be more gentle on my independent decks because a) the creators may only do one print run and I will not be able to get a replacement; b) the card backs are gentle and can be easily damaged; and c) independent decks are expensive. After the initial few over hand shuffles featured on my unboxing video, I dived into riffle shuffling and this bitch just sings! The cards easily shuffle and from what I can tell, without damaging the gorgeous card backs. Have you ever shuffled a deck and it felt like it was buttery flapjacks easily falling on top of one another – this is this deck! It shuffles like a dream.

The card stock is above average, in terms of ease of shuffling. It appears to have a smooth finish, and slightly more on the glossy side. There are borders, but I do not mind them, as they frame the images nicely. Some might take issue with the borders, but to each his own. The deck is also average tarot size, which is helpful in shuffling the cards.

The deck has a good mix of animals, humans and objects as the subject matter in the tarot cards.

This deck is a modern narrative of the Delta experience. It is hot, spicy, painful, joyful, and really does cover the gamut of the tarot experience. Having spent many summers near the Delta, I can personally say this deck has successfully captured the essence of the spirit of this region. The mysticism, the good food, the fearful moments juxtaposed against the joyful times, all are encapsulated in this deck. It is exactly what I hoped for in a modern day, melanated deck. I can tell Egan put their heart and soul into this deck, bringing the Delta experience to all of us who know it and those of us who do not know the magic and the pain of this region of America.

The deck can be viewed and purchased on the Egan’s website at

What are your thoughts on the Delta Enduring tarot deck? Do you own or plan to purchase this deck?

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