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Crystals Video Series: Part 2 | Deck in Focus: The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

Crystals Video Series: Part 2 | Deck in Focus: The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle
Deck Creator: Judy Hall

It took me a good while to settle on a crystals oracle, as there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. I chose the Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle because Judy Hall is a heavy hitter crystals expert and I trusted her knowledge of the attributes and properties of each stone she referenced in her deck.

I appreciate how the photos displays the entire stone, so that we can see its texture and shape, which I feel is important with a crystals oracle deck. I am not a fan of the crystal oracles that shows only the color of the stone or superimpose the stone on the card so that you can barely discern what it is.

The card meanings resonate with me and the messages I receive from these cards are accurate. They either depict the energies of what’s going on, or prescribes the stone that is necessary to bring about healing in your situation.

Each week, I pull a card and set it on my altar. It provides inspiration for me and if I happen to have the stone featured in the photo, I place it on my altar or I carry it with me for a few days.

What crystal oracles work best for you and your practice?

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