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The Numinous Tarot Unboxing

I am excited to report I have received my very first KickStarter backed deck, The Numinous Tarot, created by Noel Arthur Heimpel. It truly is a beautiful deck. It shuffles like a dream, even with gilded edges. Both of my sons asked for readings last night and both said they were spot on accurate. This deck is fun to read with and accessible right now for even the newest of tarot readers. It is not your typical RWS deck, but it is inspired by the iconic Tarot system.

What I appreciate most about this deck is the diversity and love that was infused in every card and every word of that guidebook. We get the whole gamut of diverse skin tones, abilities, genders (or non-binary, as it may be), shapes, and ages.

Despite facing health and life challenges, Noel still kept their promise to get the decks out as timely as possible. I have heard some recent unsavory stories on KickStarter deck campaigns and feel very fortunate that my package was safely and quickly shipped to me.

The deck offers good card stock and gilded edges, with a glossy finish. There are 79 cards, which includes a bonus major arcana card titled The Numinous.

Check out Noel’s website for more information on this deck at:Ā http://www.noelheimpel.com/numinoustarot/

I’m looking forward to getting to know this deck better. Do you have the Numinous in your collection?

Thanks for watching!

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