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Calling 3 Volunteer Empaths for a Free Reading!

Free Offerings

Hey There~

I am working with the book, “Tarot Spreads for Empaths | 20 Spreads for Your Unique Gifts,” by Jennifer Soldner and would love to test run some of the included spreads on some lovely Empaths out there. Who will volunteer their vibrational energy for a free reading?

I would like to offer the first 3 volunteers a free Tarot reading, which will be featured in a Self-Love September: Empaths Edition YouTube video on my channel. If more than 3 submit their names, I will pull names from my drum :-).

The only prerequisite I ask is that you are an Empath and work in the healing arts, including the metaphysical variety.

Here’s the list of spreads I will use in the 3 readings. If any of these call to you, please  complete the contact form below:

  • My Magic Spread
  • My Energy Spread
  • Quick Clarity Spread


Thanks so much for supporting the channel in this way, and allowing me the opportunity to do spread test run with you.

With So Much Love,

Abundant Life Tarot



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