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New to the Shop || Straight to the Point Tarot & Oracle Reading

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What’s New with Abundant Life Tarot…

This is the Tarot or Oracle reading for you, if you just need a bare bones, straight to the point answer to your question. Need a little Tarot or Oracle guidance to help make a decision about a person or situation? If so, book a reading for quick insight and guidance.

*Check out Abundant Life Tarot on YouTube to get a feel of my reading style here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkuEuE5Yj_SGyB528KbNgSQ*

*This is a judgment free zone. Ask the questions you would be too ashamed to ask your friends and family. That said, I will still be honest and forthright with you – no sugarcoating.

If you are hard of hearing, please let me know and I will make accommodations for you.

What you get:

Your choice of either video reading private link emailed to you, along with a PDF summary overview of your reading OR an emailed written reading. I customize a spread for your reading’s question to ensure a personalized experience.

Please submit your question and the following in the “send a message” box: your name, date of birth, the person’s name that you may be inquiring about and their date of birth, and your question. Please provide any details you feel it necessary to share.

Turnaround Time for Readings and Video/Email Sessions:

Most readings are completed within 48 to 72 hours, but the absolute latest is 7 calendar days from the date of purchase. Because I love what I do and your upmost satisfaction matters to me, I aim to not sacrifice quality for speed, however if you need your reading sooner, please let me know.

Please see FAQ section for information on Follow-Up Questions, Refunds, Cancellations, Privacy and Legal Statements.

Much Love,

Kim with Abundant Life Tarot

For a reading, please check out: https://abundantlifetarot.com/readings-and-adviser-services/

Want more insight on how to infuse law of attraction into your life?
I have 185 blog posts on all things inspirational and life changing at https://abundantlifeinitiative.com/

My email address is https://abundantlifetarot@gmail.com

Disclaimer – This reading is for entertainment purposes only. The owner of Abundant Life Tarot is not legally responsible for the actions or decisions made by people who watch these videos.

Straight to the Point

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