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Crystal of the Month: Elestial Quartz

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This amazing stone is a purifier and detoxifier, pulling negative energy out of the body and the environment. This stone brings protective, vibrant light, replacing negative energies. It protects against psychic attack and if an attack is already underway, this stone works to heal the situation.

This stone is a great healer, drawing out disease and trauma. It resets the body after severe pain or surgery, while facilitating multi-dimensional healing. Elestial prevents nightmares, relieves depression, and improves concentration. This crystal guards against the effects of radiation. It is a good balancer of polarities, Elestial dissolves confusion, blockages, and opens the way for necessary change.

Elestial Quartz sets you on your soul’s path, as it links your soul to the Divine and higher planes. It opens up metaphysical, intuitive gifts, making it an awesome stone to use when doing readings or healing sessions. Elestial Quartz is a high vibrational energetic stone and works as well as a healer for all the chakras. This crystal instills trust in the universe. Psychologically, this is a stone of transformation and works as an emotional catalyst.

Suggested uses: this stone is particularly effective for gridding, as it is a protector and helps to create a safe space. Elestial is great to hold while meditating or visioning. It also is good to hold over the pain site.

Books referenced: Author – Judy Hall – Books~The Encyclopedia of Crystals and The Crystal Bible 2 

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