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My 2019 Tarot Goals

Here’s a look at my 2019 Tarot Goals. What are some of your 2019 Tarot goals?

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2 thoughts on “My 2019 Tarot Goals”

  1. I found your goals interesting, Kim. I haven’t sat down and explicitly written mine down. But a few days before 2019 I started doing a daily draw from my RWS. I decided that was probably the best way to start to really know and understand tarot despite my lack of connection to to it. That said, on this last day of Januaryi think I only missed a couple of days. The practuof just writing down all the details I see plus the emotion the card elicits has started to forge a connection.

    My only other tarot deck at the moment is The Gaian Tarot which is much too big with the double border and the cards really stick together. So while I like the imagery and can read them somewhat easily, working with them tends to introduce a bit of frustration. So I’d like to add a different earthy/pagan/shamanic sort of tarot deck to my collection and maybe something a little more air element/lunar/sky? But I still feel the need for the decks to be kind of beginner friendly at this point.

    I also think I want to ease up on the oracle decks. Get to know some of them a bit more. I took advantage of Hay House sales that brought in 3-4 decks at a time and as a result I didn’t fully connect with some of them so I want to get to know them better and see if I want to sell or trade any.

    I also want to make my own set of runes and start to learn those.

    1. Good for you for sticking to the daily draws! One of the ways I learn best (with tarot or anything, really) is writing down the meanings, noticing the nuances in the images, and your impressions – all great teachers in learning the Tarot. There will be times, where I will kind of lose touch with a meaning to a card and will have to go back to the drawing board of writing down the meanings or just taking a moment to spend time with the card.

      Ohhh, I hear you on the Gaian Tarot. It has been on my wish list forever! I just need to find a sweet soul to chop the edges for me, lol, because I don’t trust that I wouldn’t ruin them. And, they need to be trimmed because my hands and wrists hate large tarot decks, LOL.

      There’s the Vision Quest Tarot, which is very earthy and Native American Inspired with the elements. The issue with that deck is the minors are somewhat pippish.

      Hay House and their sales! Oh, how I look forward to them. But, you’re right – it is so easy to get a few at a time and the next thing you know you have a bunch of decks. I now try to use their sales for gifts for others (and maybe one deck for myself!). That’s the thing about collecting decks – there’s not much time to really connect with them like we’d like. The plus is you have variety in your deck offerings. I am going to start considering trading more decks myself this year.

      So cool on you making your own set of runes!! When you learn Runes, you may have to teach me a thing or two about them 😁.

      Cheers to us having as we prepare for a great 2019 Tarot goal experience 💗.

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