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Offering Love Tarot Readings – Tips & Deck Recommendations

The majority of my tarot readings are devoted to love and over time, it has become one of my favorite areas of focus. Love tarot readings can change lives, or at the very least give a new perspective to a situation.

Love readings can be very rewarding, because the client is in an emotional state that needs relief, so when you provide that little bit of peace of mind, you’re the hero. Conversely, if the reading goes sour, it can leave a bad taste in you or your clients’ mouths.

Here are some tips to help you along your journey of offering love tarot readings:

Tip: Remember, sometimes we may come off as judgy or preachy, if not we’re not careful. We have the best intentions and want to make sure our client is protected. The problem? It is not our life, it is their life and even if they have gone back to the same person 22 times, we have to suspend our judgment and be there for the client. Here’s an example of a preachy tarot session – “When I was in the dating world, I would dump a man who said ‘XYZ’ in a heartbeat. He’s no good.” Even if the cards suggest all of this, the more digestible statement is, “I see this man uses colorful language with you, which could easily cause you undue stress and hurt. Perhaps the cards can suggest ways to deal with these hurtful words or to see if this relationship has what it takes to turn around.” This takes the heat and blame off the client and the boyfriend.

Tip: With that said, sometimes it is our own experiences with heartbreak that can really make the difference between an okay tarot reading versus a spectacular one. Each of us brings with us all the experiences we’ve gone through, and they can be teaching moments in tarot readings. Just use this tip sparingly, as you don’t want to be known as a know-it-all.

Tip: It is not our job to fix their situation or to manifest love for them. That’s the client’s job. We are simply delivering information about what our intuition is telling us and what we can see in the cards. As tarot readers, we are wayshowers for people. We can provide some different ideas on how to bring about love or to navigate the situation, but ultimately, free will will rule the day. We empower, not overpower.

Tip: Speaking of free will, I think it is important to keep this in the back of our minds when giving readings. As such, I typically will say something like, “I see the cards are saying this is happening energetically. Should you choose to go with Susie, then XYZ is predicted to happen.” It is always about empowerment and reminding the client they have a choice – even when they feel hopeless and even when it initially appears they do not have any other options. As long as we are breathing, we have the gift of choice.

Tip: If you have just gone professional with your tarot business, it may be helpful to preselect some tarot and oracle decks that work best for your love tarot readings. I have my mainstays because I want to quickly get to doing the readings to provide some much needed relief and peace of mind to my clients. I also want to be so familiar with the cards that the words flow easily and I don’t waste a moment overthinking the card meanings. It is important to use decks that feels comfortable and familiar to you, as your client will be more inclined to listen to your guidance.

Tip: Set healthy boundaries, as this helps when your clients begin to fall in love with you and the tarot readings you offer. As clients begin to trust you, they will want access to you morning, noon and night. Boundaries and expectations should be set at the very beginning – by setting down the ground rules. You may need to consider setting and sticking to business hours or having a policy that addresses follow-up questions after readings, or how much access to you and your private life you allow. Remember – as a tarot reader, boundaries are your friend!

Check out the video above for some additional tips and some love deck recommendations. Do you offer love tarot or oracle readings? If not, what’s preventing you from starting? If you do offer them, what do you like least or most about love tarot readings?

Thanks so much for tuning in!

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  1. Thanks, Kim! I’ve never had a love reading either, other than your general love readings by zodiac sign.

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