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Time to Connect and Celebrate! 

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There will be at least two opportunities to catch up with me on Facebook Live. The first will be during our quarterly giveaway drawing, which will be held on Friday, April 12, 2019, at 7:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M., Pacific Time. The second time will be during our group’s Tarot Happy Hour Facebook Live Meetup on Friday, April 26, 2019 at 4:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M., Pacific Time. Let’s sip on our favorite drinks, throw some cards and get to know one another.

Even if you are not an ALT Premium member, you can still join the Abundant Life Tarot Facebook group and the monthly Live Facebook Happy Hours.

April’s focus: Work & Life Balance – Tuning into What Really Matters

We will focus on looking at work/life balance for the metaphysical healer in a not so peaceful world. How do we balance all the demands of life, while trying to carve out time for things that really matter to us? Are you feeling like you’ve got too many balls in the air and not enough arms to juggle? Well, let’s take a closer look at our culture and the busy myth that we all seem to be entrapped by.

I went to my public library last weekend and checked out The Joy of Doing Nothing: A Real-Life Guide to Stepping Back, Slowing

The Joy of Doing Nothing
The Joy of Doing Nothing: A Real-Life Guide to Stepping Back, Slowing Down, and Creating a Simpler, Joy-Filled Life, by Rachel Jonat. Available on Amazon.

Down, and Creating a Simpler, Joy-Filled Life, by Rachel Jonat and so far, I like what I’m reading (who doesn’t enjoy a good lesson on doing absolutely nothing?!). There is such a thing as doing absolutely nothing and I am having the most difficult time practicing the concepts…which is leading me to believe I am in desperate need of having some downtime built into my weekly and monthly schedules.

Do you build in time to do absolutely nothing? And if not, what do you think is your biggest obstacle to carving out some “me” time each day? Oftentimes, we lack trust in ourselves, others and in the Universe to get all the things we want accomplished. It is this lack of trust that fuels us to work harder. Yet, working harder only seems to push us further away from happiness, not bring us closer to it. I’d like us to explore the concept of mindful doing nothingness over the next month. 

What Defines a do-nothing activity that we can do according to the book:

  • Your brain should be in idle mode, and you should feel relaxed and peaceful while you perform your activity. Jewelry making comes to mind for me, personally.
  • It should feel easy to walk away from the activity.
  • Physical intensity should be very low or nonexistent.
  • Your mind and body should move and work with little effort.
  • It should also be fun! It should not feel like a chore or obligation.

Rachel says it’s important to build in time into our daily, weekly, and monthly schedules for do-nothing activities, and I  agree. What do-nothing activities do you have in your wellbeing tool chest?

An area of focus for me last month was increasing the duration of my sleep by an hour each night – I promised to keep you posted. Well, I failed horribly! I did not increase my sleep, and in fact, I slept less, as my workaholic tendencies kicked into high gear. I will keep you posted on my progress through this monthly update post or in our Facebook Live Tarot Happy Hour chats. What’s your wellness promise to yourself for the month of April?

Some Springtime happenings at ALT and YouTube…

This is just some of what’s happening at Abundant Life Tarot…lots more to come!

  • Astrological April General Life, Love, and Abundance Tarot & Oracle Readings for all 12 signs 
  • Tips on How to Get the Most from Your Monthly Astro Readings
  • Insurance & Tarot: Insuring Your Tarot Business & Your Beloved Cards (ALT)
  • April Rebel Soul Energetic Tarot & Oracle Reading (ALT-Rebel Soul)
  • On Demand Guided Affirmations: Trust (ALT-Rebel Soul)
  • Cultivating Work/Life Balance Spread (ALT)
  • Health and Wellbeing Spread (ALT)
  • Tarot and Oracle Deck Unboxings! (ALT and YouTube)
  • Tarot Deck Interviews (ALT and YouTube)
  • Negative Customer Experiences Part 1 (YouTube)
  • Negative Customer Experience Part 2 (ALT-Cosmic Seer/Rebel Soul)
  • What is grounding and how can it help? 
  • The Struggle to Juggle Spread: What would happen if all the balls dropped? 
  • GIVEAWAY TIME! First quarter giveaway – be sure to enter for a chance to win!

This is just some of the regularly scheduled programming:

  • Deck in Focus (ALT)
  • Card by Card (ALT)
  • Tarot Combos (ALT)
  • March Favorites (ALT and YouTube)
  • 30 Minute Video Tarot & Oracle Reading Session with me (ALT-Cosmic Seer)
  • Custom Guided Affirmations (ALT-Cosmic Seer)
  • What’s Your Tarot Specialty (ALT-Moon Dancer, Rebel Soul, and Cosmic Seer)
  • Weekly Oracle Readings (ALT-Moon Dancer, Rebel Soul, Cosmic Seer)
  • Where is my light needed the most? A Rebel Soul tarot spread (ALT-Rebel Soul)

There is a lot springing up at Abundant Life Tarot, so be sure to follow this blog, sign up for the ALT Premium membership (Stargazer level is free!), and hang out with me over at the Facebook group, Abundant Life Tarot.

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