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What’s Your Tarot Specialty? Rebel Soul & Cosmic Seers

Have you given some thought to specializing in your tarot practice?

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6 thoughts on “What’s Your Tarot Specialty? Rebel Soul & Cosmic Seers”

  1. Given my yoga therapy, reiki, and shamanic healing path I tend towards various types of holistic wellness readings. I like doing status checks on the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual wellbeing (the Koshas in yoga) or on the chakras. I also like doing lunar energy themed readings and could see myself doing more astrological sort of ones in the future. I do a lot of intuitively guided customized essential oil blending, crystal grid, and crystal jewelry creation so I could see myself maybe packaging those together with a reading as well.

    Thus far most of my reading has occurred spontaneously as part of a yoga therapy session when the clients are open/interested in it. I haven’t really put myself out there as a reader. Though I was outed very publicly this weekend in our yoga teacher training session after I did a reading for one of the staff members and one of the trainees had me do a reading for her in front of everyone which was a little awkward, lol! Although I have a couple group yoga therapy classes where I have cards out for people to draw. They are left to interpret them on their own though or ask me questions after class.

    I feel like I should clarify that when I say “wellness” I’m talking more about optimizing your energies, getting things in alignment, not curing or diagnosing or giving medical advice. But providing guidance on how to make the best of whatever Universe has handed you. That’s kind of the theory behind my business name – Optimal Wellness Yoga (& more) and I think the tag line kind of sums it up well – “Finding more comfort in the discomfort.”

    1. I love how our specialties align with what we are also passionate about. Your specialty is also what can draw in folks to your practice. You bridge the gap between Wholeness (that’s the word I think of when I think of your practice!) and Tarot. Tarot is such a cool tool to pinpoint those areas that needs some realignment. Your readings also resonate with people like us – folks who know how healing crystals and essential oils can be. I tend to do readings for people who are ready to bring about change in their professional and love lives because I am all about that Law of Attraction life.
      I can totally see your readings ALSO being a big draw to you, just like your yoga and spiritual healing work does, too. You mentioned that you hadn’t put yourself out there as a reader – I bet people would be so drawn to you because you are the whole Healer package!! Gosh and to be put on the spot like that and still have is quite telling – like the Universe wants you to get comfortable with readings and teaching others all about it! That, too, can even be a niche – teaching other Healers how to read cards for their own practices. I think that was so cool that you were put on the “spot” – sometimes that time to shine is the taste we needed to begin cooking that full meal .
      I know what you mean about the term “Wellness” – it feels like it speaks more to the Westernized way of healing (getting well AFTER a health crisis or issue), whereas, when I hear “Wellness” from you, I think of holistic alignment. There’s been an energetic shift, where people are ready to start receiving the optimal wellness healing that you can offer. The kind of alignment that will have people feeling, whole, perfect and complete.
      The first sentence my eyes rested on when I first pulled up your post was “Finding more comfort in the discomfort” – I love it!! Goodness, people are needing that right here, right now.
      So, now that you have been thinking about your tarot specialty, I’m thinking you’re ready to add that as one of your healing modalities and teaching opportunities!

      1. I believe you are correct that the Universe is calling me out. I’ve been thinking for a while about putting together a workshop on Energy Empowerment for Empaths, Introverts and Highly Sensitive People that would cover some basic options for daily rituals and allow them a taste of some of the modalities that could help as maintenance. I’ve had several past yoga teacher trainees reach out for some mentoring on the crystals or oils and such so it makes sense. Then yesterday a woman who randomly came to my first Restorative Yoga and Reiki workshop in January reached out wanting to work with me and part of what she wants is to learn more about the chakras and managing her energy and about crystals! I do seem to always end up in a teaching role in whatever I do.

        Then a person I’m working with to bridge the gap between my individual therapy appointments (because Kaiser is over booked in behavioral health and I can’t get in to see my therapist any more frequently than 4 weeks and sometimes as much as 8 weeks and I’ve dealing with repressed memories of trauma) just told me to set three goals for the month and three goals for the next three months and then identify 2 actions for each of those. But I’m struggling to look to the future in part because of the chronic pain and in part because of the marriage situation.

        So yes, the Universe is having a lot of fun with me this week, lol!

        Seriously though, I really appreciate your input and I think it may be helpful in being able to follow through on my assignment.

        That said, do you have any recommendations on spreads/decks for helping me identify my goals?

      2. Hello there! Oh yes, how the Universe has been having fun with all of us this past week!! Putting us through the paces, I tell ya, lol. But, that’s such a great thing – to challenge us and to rattle us out of our comfort zones. I can definitely understand why looking into the future would be too painful and too much at times to even set your sights on. But, how cool is it that you also have the power to create your future? You may not be able to control every variable (nor do we really want to because the little miracles happens in all those dang variables), but you can set intentions on the life you do want. Here’s a tarot spread to consider trying:

        The Alchemist: Finding Your Destiny
        (A 12 Card Spread-3 cards per row).
        Card 1-You and your hopes.
        Card 2-Is Your hope or dream achievable just now? Is it meaningful?
        Card 3-Where fulfillment for you lies.
        Card 4-Is it the right time to embark on your dream?
        Card 5-Who you will meet on the way?
        Card 6-A decision: stay or leave.
        Card 7-Mentors.
        Card 8-Tests.
        Card 9-Is this your destiny, or someone else’s?
        Card 10-Conflict.
        Card 11-What’s your treasure?
        Card 12-Outcome?

        Tarot spread courtesy of Liz Dean’s The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads 🌺

  2. Thank you so much, Kim, for your kind words and for sharing that spread with me. I’ll definitely be giving it a try. I need to choose the right deck for it though…

    1. You’re so welcome!! I am going to give this spread a whirl for myself, too.

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