Cosmic Seer, Moon Dancer, Rebel Soul

Scorpio June Tarot & Oracle Readings ~ ALT Premium

Scorpio June General Life Oracle Reading

Scorpio June Love Tarot & Oracle Reading for Singles & Couples

Scorpio June Abundance Tarot & Oracle Reading

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3 thoughts on “Scorpio June Tarot & Oracle Readings ~ ALT Premium”

  1. My moon sign… I’ve only watched the general reading. But I tend to kind of equate my “shadow side” with my mental health so I’m not sure how I feel about those general energies – surprises, excitement, etc. Lol! I wish I were better at weaving together the picture from my sun, moon & rising signs. But that is where I feel weak in my card reading too – be able to apply the card energies to the position it is in. Maybe it’s a block I carry from a few particularly awful experiences in literature classes where I was told I had no sense for symbology, metaphors, or foreshadowing?

    1. Hi! I am enjoying some coffee and catching up with my favorite peeps today. I think for many of us, our shadow selves definitely reside in our psyche, in some form or fashion. Personally, I think you are weaving the readings, meanings, and all of it so beautifully!! It reminds me of when I first learned how to ride a bike. I remember the wheels moving, the bike standing upright and me riding along, then I yelled back to my friends, “is this how you do it?” Yep – you are mixing and mastering it, like a pro. Not all of the themes in the readings will apply to your experience…or it could have previously, or it can happen later.
      I hear you on how literary classes can sometimes be a killjoy when it comes to picking up on symbology, metaphors, and foreshadowing. The teachers had their lesson plans and their set and pat “correct” answers to symbolism. The truth is, it is an art form and very personal! A good teacher will celebrate a student’s unique interpretation, instead of berating them or trying to convince them it is something else entirely.

      1. Thank you so much for your awesome support, Kim! I’m so thankful for your support and guidance. I love your analogy of riding a bike, it really does fit well.

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