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What is the “Why” in You Creating Content? || ALT Premium ~ Cosmic Seer & Rebel Soul

Why do you want to create online content? What is the driving force behind the desire to put yourself out there? When we know the “why” in creating content, it makes it all the more exciting and manageable as you build up your online presence. Whether you are creating videos, blogs, websites, or social media, it is important to keep in the back of your mind, what is the end game. This clarity is all about bringing focus to the content you will be creating. Clarity is what will help create meaningful content for both you and your audience. Efficiency and quality is the name of the game when it comes to online content creation.

Know that your “why” will shift and change over time, and that is okay. When I first started writing a blog in 2013, all I wanted to write all about was applying law of attraction principles to our everyday lives. My desire for content creation has shifted to something entirely different in 2019. Our “whys” change because we transition to new ways of being everyday.

For me, I wanted to connect with new people who shared my love of Tarot and I wanted to connect with more clientele to grow my business. Once I was clear on why I was creating online content, it was easy to come up with ideas on what to put out to the Universe. I no longer gave endless hours of free tarot readings or spent countless moments on social media. Being strategic also helped me to work with my introverted tendencies and record lots of pre-planned videos on “up” days, which allows me “down” days when I’m under the weather, busy with readings, or resting.

Think about “why” you are putting your content out for the world to see. There are no right or wrong answers to this question – it is simply for you to gain clarity. If your “why” answers feel too much like a chore than pleasure, then you know you’re out of alignment and it is time to make some small or big changes to get your “why” to feel good again.

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1 thought on “What is the “Why” in You Creating Content? || ALT Premium ~ Cosmic Seer & Rebel Soul”

  1. Loved this! I didn’t dig super deep, but I scratched the surface of my why in my morning journaling today while sipping on some magnolia bud tea.

    I want to connect with others who have broad spiritual pursuits and with others using spirituality practices as a means to living their best life with chronic pain. I want to help others figure out how to manifest their optimal life regardless of circumstances that are beyond their control. And I want to develop an online customer base for mentoring/coaching and providing video yoga therapy sessions – especially for fellow empaths.

    I also noted down about ten or so types of videos or themes I’d explore. It’s definitely something that will remain swirling in my brain and coalescing into something more concrete with time.

    Thank you for the nudge, Kim!

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