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Time to Connect and Celebrate!

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YouTube Live Event: Fireside Chats: Black on Black Violence – Monday, June 3rd, 2019, at 7:30 P.M. with guest and new YouTuber, Truth2Power. Join us for this enlivening discussion and yes – there will be some card shuffling and throwing during this Live, too. Head to the Live here: https://youtu.be/GEqZqrQghW8

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We will be connecting during our group’s Tarot Happy Hour Facebook Live Meetup on Friday, June 14, 2019 at 7:00 P.M. – 7:30 P.M., Pacific Time. Let’s sip on our favorite drinks, throw some cards and get to know one another (previously scheduled for June 7th).

Even if you are not an ALT Premium member, you can still join the Abundant Life Tarot Facebook group and the monthly Live Facebook Happy Hours.

June’s focus: Expanding Your Horizons!

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In my yearly general life tarot reading I did for myself in late December 2018, I learned that in the summer of 2019, I would be walking away from my career, to explore new things. Here I am – in June, about to embark on a journey of walking away from my longstanding insurance career and moving towards something much more heart centered in my life.

What are you walking away from and walking towards in your own life? Many of us are transitioning from an old way of life to a new way of being. While others of us are not even sure where to begin – we just know that a change is coming. This month is all about letting go of the lesser for the greater, and expanding our horizons like never before.

Amazon.com: Just Quit & Live: 367 Stories & Meditations about Work, Monday’s & Hope, by Ridea Richardson.

I read the book, Just Quit & Live, by Ridea Richardson, to help prepare for my transition of closing one career, as I began a new one in spiritual healing. This book helped prepare me on walking away from a safe and secure job, to striking out on my own, in deep courage and faith that all would work out. I am still navigating this journey, which will be featured and discussed at length in the Rebel Soul and Cosmic Seer’s levels at ALT Premium.

The other book I am continuing to work with this month is Awakening Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing, by Luna & Sol.

Awakened Empath has been helping me to become a better tarot reader, mother and wife. I am setting appropriate boundaries, grounding and clearing energies, and making sure to protect my energy before, during, and after readings. I was not realizing how draining being an Empath could be and beating myself up for not having enough energy to get all the things I wanted to accomplished in a day. I now make time in my schedule for downtime and detoxification time, and it has been helping me tremendously in setting a precedent with our daughter.

I’m excited about exploring and possibly sharing what I’ve learned in the pages of the Awakened Empath and invite you to share some of your own thoughts about this book or about living the life of an “Awakened Empath” over at our Facebook Group, Abundant Life Tarot group.

Awakened Empath Book Cover
Purchase at https://www.amazon.com/Awakened-Empath-Emotional-Psychological-Spiritual

Some Summertime happenings at ALT and YouTube…

  • Astrological June General Life, Love, and Abundance Tarot & Oracle Readings for all 12 signs
  • Insurance & Tarot: Insuring Your Tarot Business & Your Beloved Cards (ALT)
  • June Rebel Soul Energetic Tarot & Oracle Reading (ALT-Rebel Soul)
  • On Demand Guided Affirmations: Fairness & Equality (ALT-Rebel Soul)
  • Cultivating work/life balance Spread (ALT)
  • What is grounding? A spread, too (ALT)
  • Expanding Your Horizons Spread (ALT)
  • Tarot and Oracle Deck Unboxings! (ALT and YouTube)
  • Tarot Deck Interviews (ALT and YouTube)
  • Negative Customer Experience Part 2 (ALT-Cosmic Seer/Rebel Soul)
  • What is grounding and how can it help?
  • A NEW SERIES: So You Wanna be a YouTuber? Creating Content for Yourself and Others (ALT-Cosmic Seer/Rebel Soul)
  • Rebel Soul Fireside YouTube Live Sitdown with Truth2Power on Black on Black violence – Join us June 3, 2019 at 7:30 P.M.
  • More Rebel Soul Fireside Chats Coming Soon – Submit Ideas for Topics!
  • Invitation for ALT’s first Q&A Session with me – Send in Your Burning Questions!

    This is just some of the regularly scheduled programming:

  • Deck in Focus (ALT)
  • Card by Card (ALT)
  • Tarot Combos (ALT)
  • March Favorites (ALT and YouTube)
  • 30 Minute Video Tarot & Oracle Reading Session with me (ALT-Cosmic Seer)
  • Custom Guided Affirmations (ALT-Cosmic Seer)
  • What’s Your Tarot Specialty (ALT-Moon Dancer, Rebel Soul, and Cosmic Seer)
  • Weekly Oracle Readings (ALT-Moon Dancer, Rebel Soul, Cosmic Seer)
  • 2019 Yearlys will soon be released on YouTube (ALT and YouTube)
  • 2020 Yearlys will recordings will soon begin (ALT-Moon Dancer, Rebel Soul, and Cosmic Seer)

There is a lot blossoming up at Abundant Life Tarot, so be sure to follow this blog, sign up for the ALT Premium membership (Stargazer level is free!), and hang out with me over at the Facebook group, Abundant Life Tarot.

Thanks for being the BEST part of Abundant Life Tarot!

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1 thought on “Abundant Life Tarot in June…”

  1. Congratulations on turning this new corner, Kim! I can’t think of anyone else more deserving. You are so committed to serving us and not afraid to continue to learn new things, especially on the business side of things.

    Not really Rebel Soul related, though maybe you can find a way to spin it as such, I’d love to hear more about your experience in setting and maintaining the boundaries necessary as an empath. I’ve learned a ton over the last two years on living my best as an empath, but the boundary thing is still a huge struggle for me. Even when I can see where or what it needs to be I don’t always communicate it very well. I think I’m so used to be being tested and have that boundary pushed back upon that I go in full guns blazing ready to duel it out. And then at other times I’m just too tired to go to the effort of setting or maintaining the boundary and I roll over and kind of martyr myself.

    If I end up launching YouTube content and do some sort of empath series maybe we can do a chat about our journeys to embrace our empathy and use it from a place of empowerment rather than closing ourselves off to protect our energy.

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