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What Needs to Be Released in Your Life?

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves the space to figure out what needs to be released in our lives, in order to make room for what is waiting to grow.

It’s like the child with the loose baby tooth. In the gums as it may be, is a beautiful, permanent tooth waiting to emerge. In its way is the baby tooth. The baby tooth has served its purpose, but is still hanging on. Some baby teeth easily fall out, while others hold on by a little thread of gum tissue.

Taking the time to release what needs to be let go, will ALWAYS make room for what is waiting to emerge. I learn this lesson over and over again in my own life and witnessing the beautiful new beginnings in other peoples’ lives.

Thanks for watching and I am looking forward to sharing with you, over in our Facebook group, as we continue the discussion.

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The Slow Tarot Reveal

Hi Loves! The Slow Tarot, by Lacey Bryant, was a deck I backed on Kickstarter. This is a reveal, rather than an unboxing and more about that is talked about in the video.

Thanks so much for watching!

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