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What Needs to Be Released in Your Life?

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves the space to figure out what needs to be released in our lives, in order to make room for what is waiting to grow.

It’s like the child with the loose baby tooth. In the gums as it may be, is a beautiful, permanent tooth waiting to emerge. In its way is the baby tooth. The baby tooth has served its purpose, but is still hanging on. Some baby teeth easily fall out, while others hold on by a little thread of gum tissue.

Taking the time to release what needs to be let go, will ALWAYS make room for what is waiting to emerge. I learn this lesson over and over again in my own life and witnessing the beautiful new beginnings in other peoples’ lives.

Thanks for watching and I am looking forward to sharing with you, over in our Facebook group, as we continue the discussion.

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2 thoughts on “What Needs to Be Released in Your Life?”

  1. Ha! You must have known since I hadn’t sent in my request yet that I was struggling with a topic. Thanks for delivering me one, lol! Thank you, Kim! And thank you, Universe!

    There are several possibilities floating around in my head, I think mostly because I’m just in a very uncomfortable/unfamiliar space in most aspects of life. Lots of doubts. Lots of questions. Lots of growth but struggling to see it at times. It’s just a weird time/space in life right now for me. A liminal time? And I’ve *never* done well not know what is coming next. Even before I could tell time mom would have to prepare me for visits to grandparents by counting down big sleeps and little sleeps, lol!

    1. Hi!! I did know! I was like – no pressure. When your topic bubbles to the surface, then you’ll know 🤗. I recorded another video last night on the subject of Divine Discontentment, which we will be working on between July and August. What needs to be released will go nicely with the Divine Discontentment topic, I think.

      When I think about all the possibilities of your life, I get excited for you! I know it is an immensely confusing and at times, stressful, but on the other side of all of the unknowns is a beautiful life waiting for you.

      I love that word – liminal – yes, I would say that is a perfect word describing where you’re at right now. I know what you mean on being a person not knowing what’s coming next!! Awww, well put. Especially when all you’ve known before was certainty. This is where the big leaps of life happen, the big growth spurts. Your Sweet Mom! How I love that – counting down the big sleeps and little sleeps 💗. Now I am heading over to the Cosmic Seers corner for your reading request!

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