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A Rant: As I Shuffle Tarot Cards || On YouTube

Hi Loves~ This video may be a little triggering for some, so I ask that in the comments section, we are kind and respectful to one another, if you should decide to comment at all.

I am not really looking for anyone to chime in to agree or to change my mind. I almost decided against posting this video, and then almost decided to disable comments, but the last time I checked, this is my channel and this is well within my First Amendment right, so I am going with it. And, this is a glimpse into what I do – – fuss at the news as I shuffle cards 😆.

I was so dang mad, I couldn’t even read the cards that were jumping, lol. Perhaps, you, my friends, can relate – shuffling cards while you’re so mad! And, perhaps, maybe you even shuffled cards pertaining to the subject I am broaching tonight.

My comments in this video are all my own, and I stand 100% behind them. With that being said, I also recognize that in our Tarot community, we rarely talk about political things. But, I am no longer comfortable sitting by, not commenting on something that irks my soul. Perhaps it should not bother me so much, but it does and I need to feel like in some small way, I am helping to make a change or at least bring this topic to the table for discussion with other world citizens.

To continue this conversation, in a safe, and meaningful way, head over to my Facebook group, Abundant Life Tarot and join our tribe. The Rebel Souls who dwell in our little group are some of the most enlightened and informed peeps I’ve ever met. I am also grateful for the enlightened souls that come to my channel every day – all of you are some of the classiest, most kindest peoples around and I am thankful.

I am frustrated and saddened by the state of affairs in government and don’t worry – I’ve got this out of my of system…I will resume my happy, go-lucky-self tomorrow at the beach. Today, I rage on.

Thanks so much for watching,
Abundant Life Tarot 🌺

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