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Post Political Rant – ALT Premium

Hi Sweet Souls,

It has been a little over a week that I lost my cool on a YouTube video. I recorded this video yesterday afternoon, on August 3, 2019, hours before I heard the devastating news about the two mass shootings that occurred this weekend. My heart is broken and I am devastated to hear about the people who lost their lives to senseless violence, all because of the ratcheting up of hate speech and xenophobic rhetoric that’s been going on, non-stop, since 2016.

I am posting this video here, first, before publishing it on YouTube.

I love each and every one of you, no matter your skin color, country of origin, or the sexual orientation you identify with. I do not want us to lose our humanity. We need to love on one another like never before. We need to infuse our heartspace with love.

We also need to speak up and say when wrong is wrong. For me, this is one of those times.

I admit that I was speaking directly to a person who commented nasty things on my last video – and I truly hope she watches this one, should I decide to post it on YouTube. But, I am also speaking to anyone who feels like her. She wants me to be quiet on all things political, stating that because my channel started off as Tarot based, that’s where it needs to stay. And, that people like me are using my race as a weapon. She, apparently, is only voicing what many other Americans apparently feel towards people of color or people not from this country.

Anyone who knows me will say that with me, it was always political. Throughout my entire educational experience, from grade school on up, I was protesting or advocating for people who I felt needed a voice. In high school, I protested and joined a multicultural school group as well as Amnesty International. It was during this time that I made friends with people in school that were seeking asylum and I got to learn first hand what that meant.

One of my best friends at the time was born in Mexico, but had lived here since she was two years old. She barely spoke Spanish. I admired how hard her single mother worked – three jobs, catching a morning bus before dawn and coming home well past dinner time. Her mom worked so hard that one day she was able to buy a home in Oakland, California. I was at their house every day, eating Mexican food and having a good time with what felt like my family. The thought of them being deported or treated poorly always felt so wrong to me. I lost complete touch with Adriana. I have no idea where she is. I often wonder if she was deported, especially now.

As a woman of color, I know all too well that every single day of my life is political. Everything in my being is always striving to be spiritual, but, there are parts to this life that cannot be ignored. I use my Tarot as a spiritual tool to help me navigate the political. I use my Tarot to lend a voice to the voiceless. I use my Tarot to guide me when I am scared.

I hope I have not offended any of you with my “rants” or my political views. I am just a woman wanting what is best for her country and her world. That’s it. If I am bitchy, it is only out of sadness and love. And fear. I fear so much these days.

Thanks again for going on this journey with me. Much love to all of you,


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