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Monthly Astro Tarot Readings Update AND an Idea!

Hi Friends~

I have reached a tipping point of imbalance in my life and now realize I have to take a break from doing monthly astrological readings. I have been doing the monthly readings for over a year, maybe longer, and I knew there would be a time when I would have to take a break from them and that time is now. I apologize if this causes any disappointment or inconvenience for some of you.

I wish I could just spend about five minutes per astrological sign, but that’s not how I operate and if I can’t do them the way I enjoy, then I do not want to do them at all.

The truth is, there are so many great YouTube Tarot readers putting out monthly readings. I was inspired by many YouTubers who offer monthly readings, like NorthEast Tarot, when I first started my YouTube channel. Search monthly Tarot readings and you will find there is no shortage of YouTube readers to choose from.

I will still be doing the weekly readings and will begin this week working on the astrological Tarot readings.


So, I got to thinking about what can we do in the place of monthly readings and I’ve come up with an idea that I hope you all are open to trying out for our group. Each month, one of us could take turns offering something for the group – such as monthly Tarot or astrological readings, mini workshops, maybe monthly meditations, your own custom tarot spreads or readings, recipes, rituals, or spellwork. You can use whatever medium you’d like, such as video, pictures, audio, or written form. All I ask is that it is respectful to our group members and related to the metaphysical arts or spiritual healing.

We can choose to include it on the website or just in the Facebook group. Plus, you have complete control and liberty over your work and can share it outside the group. I just ask that discussions we have remain inside the group.

This will give each of you an opportunity to show off your skills and talents with a friendly bunch of cool people and give me a much needed hand in monthly offerings. It can help those who are nervous about creating content for the masses get started in a safe and nurturing environment. Even for those who aspire to or have brick and mortar businesses, it is still a good idea to build up your online presence (notice I didn’t say social media presence? Not everyone wants or desires to be on social media, but, future clients still want a website or some way of being able to connect with you).

Some of you may want to form your own memberships and Patreon memberships, so this is the time and place to practice some offerings to your good friends here, who will be your springboard to success. You can build up your own platforms while practicing your offerings in our group.

This Monthly Offerings Initiative (MOI) offers a great opportunity for all of us to learn and grow from one another.

I will periodically post the questionnaire to invite new and old ALT members to adopt a month to create content for the group.

Sign up today! 

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