Cosmic Seer, Rebel Soul

Rebel Soul September Guided Affirmations || Ready || ALT Premium

The focus for this month’s guided affirmation is the concept of being ready for what we wish to manifest. Below is a transcript of the spoken guided affirmations in the video.

Decks: New Era Elements Tarot, Angels and Ancestors Oracle, and Earthbound Oracle

  1. I am ready to take risks for accomplishing my goals and to stop “playing it safe.”
  2. I am ready for this transformation because I know (that despite all outward appearances) it is for my highest and greatest good.
  3. I check my expectations on my goals on my goals’ mileposts and make sure they are realistic and in alignment with my true desires.
  4. I am ready for whatever comes my way and I help others feel ready, too.
  5. I am in a place of accepting love and grace from those around me and anyone who has issues (or is problematic) easily moves out of my life.
  6. It takes guts and confidence to do what I do. Thank God I got lots of it.
  7. I trust in my innate abilities (to…feel free to add a personal ending).
  8. I am able to work with the opportunities that come my way, instead of working against them.
  9. Clarity will come to me about what to do next in its own divine timing.
  10. I have everything I need inside of me to create, live the way I want, and express all that I desire.
  11. A seed I’ve planted always bears the good fruit I intended.
  12. I am courageous and confident in my ability to speak up when I need and want to.
  13. I always have the right words to convey what I need to say.

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