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ALT Virtual Vision Board Workshop: How to Use Your Vision Board || ALT Premium

Save the date! Abundant Life Tarot’s Facebook page is hosting a free, virtual Vision Board workshop on Sunday, November 3, 2019, from 2 PM to 4 PM, Pacific Daylight Savings Time. Reserve your spot here:

Leading up to our workshop date, I will be posting videos to get us ready to create some high vibing, powerful vision boards before, during and after our workshop. This first one is an introduction. Here’s a list of what’s coming in our Virtual Vision Board Workshop series:

  • Virtual Vision Board Workshop || A Quick Start Guide to What You Need
  • Virtual Vision Board Workshop || Clarity and Intention
  • Virtual Vision Board Workshop || How to Use Your Vision Board
  • Virtual Vision Board Workshop || Tarot & Vision Boards?!

Thanks so much for watching and participating in any way that you’re called to!

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This Might Hurt Tarot Unboxing || On YouTube

An unboxing of the RWS based Kickstarter deck: This Might Hurt Tarot, by Isabella Rotman.

Kickstarter and preorder decks will ship October 18th through early November 2019.

This Might Hurt’s website:

Thanks so much for watching!

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