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Weekly Oracle Reading || May 10th – May 17th


*☆*Weekly Reading*☆*

*What’s happening: Stuck Energy (reversed).

*What tools can we use: Fear.

*What’s the week’s outcome: Family.

🔮~Decks: #TheQuantumOracle 


~~A situation that was keeping us feeling trapped is starting to shift when the Stuck Energy card shows up in reverse. We are finally breaking free and feeling a small sense of freedom in our work and home life. ~~Fear in the Tools position tells us that we have the power to face what scares us and to transmute fear into inner strength, especially as we face new experiences and endeavors this week. The fear is here to teach us something, what is that something that we need to learn about ourselves? ~~The end of the week brings us closer to our loved ones, while some of us are experiencing new additions to the family. Others are simply experiencing nostalgic times and closeness with loved ones. Some may find that they are lacking genuine family or loved one connection and use this week as a jumping off point to change that. 


Have a blessed and abundant week!

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