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Stories – A Modern Collaborative Oracle Deck

The lovely Sara Calvarese asked a bunch of Tarot readers to contribute to an oracle deck and I happily obliged. We present Stories – A Modern Collaborative Deck.

My contribution is found in the Crater card, where I tell the tale of a woman who is learning how to prioritize her needs into her ever expanding life. What are we prioritizing in our lives?

I sense Stories is a highly intuitive deck and will allow us to go deeper into the shadow themes of life. I have Sara’s 8th House Tarot and love it so much I plan to get the 2nd Edition at some point in the near future. She has a proven track record in deck production, which is why I trust her ability to see this project through to the finish line. The artwork is complete and the guidebook is written, making an August 2020 ship date VERY realistic.

Here’s a link to the Kickstarter: http://kck.st/3bWqvQF Sara’s website to check out her other decks: https://www.shopthe8thhouse.com/

Thanks so much!

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