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2020 Top 15 Indie Tarot Decks | On YouTube

Part I

Part II

Part III

Here’s a look at my top Independently produced decks for 2020.

These were decks I received, were produced, or were heavily used in 2020.

Part I:
1. Dust II Onyx – Unboxing: 
2. Bonestone & Earthflesh Tarot – Unboxing: 
3. Delta Enduring Tarot – Unboxing: 
4. The Afro Tarot – Unboxing: 
5. The Stretch Tarot – Unboxing: Unboxing: 

Part II:
6. Afro Arcanas Goddess Tarot – Unboxing: 
7. The Slow Tarot – Unboxing: 
8. The Lua Tarot – Unboxing: 
9. The Bohemian Gothic Tarot – Unboxing: 
10. The Moonchild Tarot – Unboxing: 

Part III:
11. Victorian Romantic Tarot – Unboxing: 
12. Superlunaris Tarot – Unboxing: 
13. This Might Hurt Tarot – Unboxing: 
14. Light Seer’s Tarot – Unboxing: 
15. Dreamkeeper’s Tarot – Unboxing: 

Thanks so much for watching!

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