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The Hoodoo Tarot Study Group | Starts 6/4/2021!

Short and Sweet Breakdown:

We will begin The Hoodoo Tarot Study Group on June 4, 2021 and I hope you’re excited as I am!

I have created a self-paced schedule for our Tarot Study Group. Print or save the included document and check off your activities as you complete them.

I recognize not everyone is on social media and in particular, Facebook. As such, I will make every effort to update this website and share content on Instagram. YouTube and Facebook will be the main avenues for the content I put out. To easily access our study group content, this site has a Tarot Study Group category:

Please read this in its entirety for important information regarding what’s offered and the important parts (this is the commitment, folks!) to our work in the Study group.

The Group members section has two important bulleted points. For the first two weeks in joining, do the journal prompts and daily draws – no matter when you first start the Tarot study. There are other group member suggestions listed below to add to your weekly schedule. You can also insert additional rows to the below self-paced schedule to add on activities you did for that week.

The Abundant Life Tarot section highlights the content I will be providing throughout our Tarot Study Group. I will announce upcoming live sessions and will publish videos to the website, Abundant Life Tarot Group on Facebook, Instagram, and of course, YouTube. For the most comprehensive, up to date information, join the Abundant Life Tarot Group on Facebook or subscribe to this website.

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Group Members:

  • Important: 2 weeks of working exclusively with the deck in 1 to 3 card draws to questions or daily guidance. The weekly journal prompts I provide can also be used as short spreads to use for your daily draws. This is a 2 week commitment for all of us and we should endeavor to post our efforts. If a day is missed, we will need to add another day to make up for it. This activity can be started anytime during this Tarot Study, but I ask that everyone commit once they start and share what’s coming up for them in either photos, posts, videos or other virtual means.
  • Important: 2 weeks of committed daily journaling. The Hoodoo Tarot’s guidebook has questions to consider for each of the Major Arcana cards. Using these questions as inspiration for journal prompts, I will post them at the beginning of each week during our Tarot study. We can also use the journal prompts as questions in a short spread for the Hoodoo Tarot. 1 to 3 card draws to help us answer these questions and then journal about what comes up. Bonus for pictures of the cards or spreads. **A note on journal prompts – you can certainly use your own prompts for your journal entries. Make the journal experience unique for you and your Ancestors’ expression.
  • Members can use spreads from the book and share their readings in pictures, videos or posts. Members can also share spreads they find work well with the deck.
  • Discussions on incorporating rootwork or ancestral work into our practices, rituals, readings and regular life can be shared in the Facebook Group, as video responses, or on Instagram with the #HoodooTarotStudy. This can be done in comments, pictures or videos by myself and group members.
  • As members read up on some of the recommended books by group members, feel free to share highlights or takeaways from what you’ve read or studied. Share articles (safe links, please!) and other resources that can help us either deepen our understanding of hoodoo (including historical or social references). I, too, will share links, as I come across information.

Abundant Life Tarot:

  • 6/4/2021 (Time TBA) Opening Day – I will lead a YouTube Live to welcome everyone to the Tarot Study and chat a bit about the deck. We can answer some questions and share feedback on people’s experiences thus far with the Hoodoo Tarot. We will throw some cards on what are some important takeaways in the work we’re going to be doing with this deck. There will be a giveaway announcement! 
  • I will post weekly prompts that can be used for the daily card draws or journal prompts.
  • Interviews about the deck and hoodoo and will be showcased on YouTube + FB, and sometimes on Instagram. I will be putting a call out on FB and IG to see if anyone would like to join me for an interview.
  • Lives or Zoom to discuss some of the cards from the Majors, Minors, or Courts. We’ll also check in to see how it’s going in working with the deck. This is a great time to discuss any challenges or “aha” moments while getting to better know this deck. As a group, we will vote on some of the cards to feature during Lives. A great time to discuss the deck’s card meanings that either highly resonated or confused the mind.
  • Video breakdown of the cards – as I did with the Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group on YouTube. I will cover the cards and compare them to other decks.

This Tarot Study is an opportunity to get to know not just a deck, but also our inner landscapes, too. You will not need the Hoodoo Tarot to participate. The prompts, looking at card meanings and learning about hoodoo is plenty for people to explore.

It is my hope that we find expansion in our understanding of hoodoo and the cards, friendships, connection, and spiritual nourishment during this Tarot Study Group. Welcome to the Hoodoo Tarot Study!

Much love,

Abundant Life Tarot 🌺

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