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The truth is, YouTube video content creation has become a passion for many. But, it takes hard work, patience, dedication, and a thick skin to continue to do it beyond a few videos. I watch many different YouTubers, across several sectors and genres to gain insight into the craft and the business. I also look for common threads to what quantifies and leads to success for the content creator. It is my goal to facilitate growth, inspiration, and success for new and seasoned content creators. I will be sharing some videos with my tribe to help them get started and stay inspired in creating content.

DJ Richie Skye is a YouTube content creator who talks reality TV and pop culture, and his channel has 151,000 subscribers. Yes – he is not a Tarot content creator – but he speaks wise words in this video about pacing yourself, not focusing on the negative, and creating content that inspires you to keep going. I enjoy watching and sharing different perspectives from a wide array of YouTube content – as we can learn a lot about content creation and improving our satisfaction as creators through the voices of others who are doing the same thing we’re doing – only on a larger scale.

As Tarot or spiritual content creators, we have a niche and it can sometimes feel like we’re only speaking to one or two people when we put out a video. We may not see rapid growth like other sections of YouTube experience – that’s because the general population doesn’t know of our great, little community…yet. Do not be disheartened if it takes a long time to grow your subscriber count, or if a video only gets 50 views. Do this work because you’re passionate about what you’re talking about and you want to share it with the world. In time, the growth WILL come.

I am working on a series for my Moon Dancers and Rebel Souls about the cold, hard truths in content creation. I will also be sharing content with you from other creators who talk about the subject.

Are you a content creator or ready to embark on the journey of starting a YouTube channel? What type of content do you wish to see to help support your goals?


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