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I did this quick reading following the video I recorded for Heidi. These cards – Knight of Blades, Four of Swords (reversed), Six of Wands (reversed), Ladder, Clover, and Obelisk jumped to the question of what happened to Heidi, in a nutshell. Based on these cards, she had been stalked, mentally worn down and intimidated for weeks leading to her disappearance. These cards tell me that she has met someone on the day of her disappearance, she climbed several stories, and encountered someone with ill intentions. One of the Ladder card meanings is stairway to heaven. The Clover card means luck (running out), and the Obelisk card meaning is the connection between heaven or earth OR a meeting point or location, a phallic symbol. A man has caused her to go missing and he exerted brute, savage force in doing so. Surveillance may have caught her entering a building, but never emerging from it (at least on her own volition).

PART 1 | Episode 3 – Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Reading + Tarot and Oracle Reading:

PART 2 | Episode 4 – The Key Players Tarot and Oracle Reading:

I am exploring unsolved mysteries, the unknown, and the things that confound us on Mystery Mystic Mondays, here on the channel. This is where I throw some cards to things that are perplexing us – new and old cases.

This next case is taking a closer look at Heidi Sue Planck, a 39 year old divorced mom who was last seen October 17, 2021, out of Los Angeles, California.

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The Antique Anatomy Tarot Study | Week 7 Journal and Tarot Prompt

Week 7: The card that jumped and called for further introspection was Four of Rods.

Journal Prompt: What area in my life is feeling most secure, stable and prosperous? How can I support further growth and inspiration in this area? 

I will post our journal/tarot prompt every Monday during the duration of our Tarot study. I may or may not create a Tarot spread from the prompt for every week, but feel free to create or use your own spreads and share them with the group. To simplify things, I use the journal prompts as inspiration for spreads and you can feel free to do the same.

Each day, we’re doing a draw for 2 solid weeks. It can be one card or as many as you’d like. You only need to complete one journal entry per week – but feel free to do more than one day per week of journaling.

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