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Unboxing and Full Flip Through of Self-Care Wisdom Cards

Unboxing of the revised Self-Care Wisdom Cards

Here’s an unboxing of the Self-Care Wisdom Cards, by Cheryl Richardson, artwork by Jo Podmore, and published by Hay House.

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Mystery Mystic Monday

Heidi Planck’s Missing Case Update: “Bizarre” History Detailed in Past Custody Documents

I have been checking the news for updates on Heidi Planck’s case everyday. Her case is truly a sad mystery that I hope is resolved soon.

Here’s the link to Mystery Mystic Monday’s episodes 3 and 4 on Heidi’s case, featured on my YouTube channel: https://abundantlifetarot.com/2021/11/08/mystery-mystic-mondays-heidi-planck-tarot-oracle-reading-on-youtube-ep-3-and-ep-4/

I am not one to always believe what the Daily Mail has to say, but the plot definitely thickens in the Heidi Planck case. 11/16/21 article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10183127/Missing-mom-Heidi-Planck-history-psychotic-breakdown.html

A few days ago, I mentioned in one of my comments to a viewer that I did a quick one card pull on what was going on with her walking her dog in the alley near the Hope + Flower building. I got the 10 of Swords.

The 10 of Swords could mean a few things in this situation. Betrayal and backstabbing or being met by enemies. It could mean mental exhaustion or an inability to cope. It is also one of the cards associated with hitting rock bottom in a situation. Finally, it also could mean an attack or some sort of violence, including self-harm. It could also mean a sore ending to a tough situation, which can include her walking away and leaving a lot of people wondering what happened.

According to this Daily Mail article, Heidi has a history of psychotic breakdowns and “bizarre behavior.” It wasn’t until 2017 that she and her ex reached a custody settlement allowing for shared custody. I recall the Sun card jumping out almost in reverse, which told me they had only recently hit a good stride in their co-parenting relationship of their son. What the Daily Mail failed to include was Heidi’s court declarations or rebuttals (if any were filed) to Jim’s allegations.

Let’s put some of the pieces together about the day she went missing. She was edgy at her son’s football game. She eventually made her way to downtown Los Angeles. She was seen on surveillance of the Hope + Flower building walking her dog. She had a mask in her hand, but no purse (although I’m from Northern California and would not be carrying a purse in a downtown alley way). Her dog is later found on the 29th floor (some sources say the 28th floor).

Could Heidi have been visiting someone in the building and then needed to take her pup on a quick walk? Perhaps she left her purse in the apartment while she was walking Seven. Her purse also could be in her vehicle. Maybe the person she was visiting is unknown to her friends and loved ones. Her friend said that sometime back, she picked Heidi up from that same building. Could Heidi have a drug hookup in that building? It is said that drugs are an issue in that high rise apartment building. What if she OD’d and then it was covered up? Why did she just vanish and her dog left to run around the building? It seem highly unusual for a pet owner to willingly run away, leaving their dog unattended.

Could Heidi have experienced a mental breakdown from the stress of the SEC investigation and harmed herself? What if things recently soured with her ex-husband, causing her extreme distress? Perhaps she checked herself into a mental health facility, even under an assumed name? Where is her vehicle and why hasn’t it been found yet? Perhaps the person she was visiting in the Hope + Flower building helped her in going off-grid to protect herself. Maybe it was her last stop before she went into hiding or even the Witness Protection Program.

As each day passes in a missing adult person’s case, the chances of them being found alive grow slim. Some possibilities could be she’s in a hospital (but I can’t imagine her not informing her family by now that she’s there).

I hope this Daily Mail article doesn’t slow down the investigation. There is a stigma with mental health and if the authorities feel like she just “ran away,” they may not exert more effort in the search to find her. Her ex-husband was careful not to mention his past concerns about Heidi’s mental fitness and that could be because she overcame a lot and it was no longer an issue. It could also mean that he didn’t want people to really question him when he filed for emergency full custody a couple of weeks ago. Or, it could have been courtroom theatrics in a bid to win a custody case. Custody issues immediately following a divorce can get nasty on both sides. I think it says a lot they eventually shared joint custody.

Law enforcement likely has information that has not been made public and much further ahead than the rest of us in knowing what happened. Meanwhile, we will see what develops.

Sending up prayers for Heidi’s safe return home to her family and friends.