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Herbcrafter’s Mini Tarot Study Begins Monday, November 7, 2022

Herbcrafter’s Mini Tarot Study Begins Monday, 11/7/2022 in the Abundant Life Tarot Group on Facebook.

I am excited to announce we are kicking off our mini Tarot study for the Herbcrafter’s Tarot! Please see the suggested ways of engaging in this mini Tarot Study.

Please use the #HerbcraftersMiniTarotStudy for your posts! This ensures that all of our posts are captured in one topic, which makes it easy for those to search and find this content later.

Each Monday, in the Facebook group, I’ll publish a prompt that you can use with your cards for an actual spread or as I use it, a journal prompt.

Every other Friday, we’ll be meeting up during a Tarot Study Lounge livestream in the Facebook Group. If I have tech issues, I may schedule a Zoom instead, but it is preferred to do in-group livestreams. I may choose to use the Group Room for these lounge sessions and during our time together, we’ll be discussing the card’s images, messages that came up, or ways we work with the deck. The first Tarot Study Lounge session will be Friday, November 18, 2022, at 12:00 PM Atlantic Time (11 AM EST). I’ll post reminders leading up to these meetups.

Begin to share your daily or weekly pulls, spread suggestions, and ways you craft with the herbs featured in this deck in the Facebook group. Please don’t feel pressured to post daily! This is an easygoing mini study. The idea is to work with this deck for 6 weeks – so find ways that works best for you during this time period.

This is an evergreen Tarot Study and anyone joining the group after this initial six week period can begin their own study with this deck when the time is right for them. Just be sure to use #HerbcraftersMiniTarotStudy on all of your posts for this Tarot Study.

If you have ideas on how to work with this deck – please share!! Also, if some of you want to do a live, post a video, or host a Room for this Tarot study, feel free to do so.

Let me know if you have any questions in this post. Looking forward to working with this deck with all of you 🤗!