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Mystery Mystic Monday | Pt. 2 | JASMINE MOODY | TAROT & ORACLE READING | Ep. 59 | #truecrimetarot

Part 2 – Detailed Tarot and Oracle Reading

Please check out Part 1 – Detailed Opening Oracle Reading

A couple of weeks before turning 19, Jasmine Moody, a freshman at Texas Woman’s University, flew to Detroit, Michigan on November 25, 2014 to visit a female friend. They had met on social media a few months earlier, although I read Jasmine may have previously visited this friend once or twice before. The extent of their relationship is unclear; Jasmine’s mother says it was only a platonic friendship, but police believe Moody and the female friend may have been romantically involved.

Jasmine planned to return back to school on December 5th, but was reported missing by her female friend on December 4th. Per this friend, she and Jasmine got into a heated argument a social media post on Facebook. The friend then left the home to buy cigarettes and according to her mother, Jasmine threw on her University of Texas hoodie and stormed out of the door. Oddly, considering Jasmine was returning to Texas the next day, she left behind her luggage, tablet, cell phone, laptop, ID and her coat. The female friend and her family has denied any involvement in Jasmine’s disappearance and their home has been searched by law enforcement. Jasmine’s family hired a private investigator who stated it was possible that she was kidnapped, as that part of Detroit was known for high crime.

We are going to explore the energies surrounding what happened to Jasmine, who is responsible for her disappearance, and clues on where she’s at.

The investigating agency is Detroit Police Department 313-596-2221. A $2,500 reward is offered for information. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

Featured Deck: The Divine Shadow Self Oracle, RWS with Keywords, The Slow Tarot, Defining Characteristics Oracle, Sacred Spaces Oracle, Dark Mirror Oracle, Trace Evidence Telling Cards, Divine Crime Oracle, Murder Mystery Oracle Cards.

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Mystery Mystic Monday, Mystery Mystic Musings, On YouTube

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