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Mystery Mystic Monday | ERICA MARIE WRIGHT | Parts 1 and 2 | Oracle & Tarot Readings | Episodes 65 and 66

Part 1 | Opening Oracle Reading – recorded December 3, 2022, published December 5, 2022:

Part 1 Featured Decks: Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle, The Divine Shadow Self Oracle, Dark Mirror Oracle, The Divine Crime Oracle, Murder Mystery Oracle Cards.

Part 2 | Detailed Tarot and Oracle Reading – recorded December 3, 2022, published on December 5, 2022: 

Part 2 Featured Decks: The Slow Tarot, Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Bloody Hell Edition, Situations Oracle, Trace Evidence Telling Cards, Sacred Spaces Oracle, Defining Characteristics Oracle, Sincerez Tarot, The Divine Shadow Self Oracle, The Divine Crime Oracle, Murder Mystery Oracle Cards.

Erica Marie Wright, a 41 year old mother of two teen boys, was brutally bludgeoned to death inside of her Roseville, California home on April 20, 2022. Roseville is a town I know very well – a city that is in Placer County. This is the same county where Kiely Rodni’s case was mainly investigated. Is it because Erica is 41 years old and not a teenager as the reason her case has hardly garnered any public attention? There have been no named suspects and Placer County Sheriffs Department has been too quiet regarding any updates surrounding this case. Erica deserves to receive justice for what happened to her. Her case is as worthy of mass media attention as other high profile cases we’ve seen recently.

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